Sunday, 13 December 2015

Wise Words from bGallery Artist Susan E Ash

I have been with bGallery now for a couple of years and am still amazed by the breadth and richness of the artists in this gallery. Its lovely to see them all! I also want to note that I am now offering giclee prints of my work at reduced prices and that I am no longer with Agora Gallery in New York, so all my prices are back to normal. I was given many words of warning by people before I went to Agora, and I am sorry to say that it cost me a lot of money in fees for the gallery and also in costs shipping the work back and forth, and I guess I now feel that my desire to be shown somewhere more than local galleries led me to an act of what the Greeks would call 'hubris', so I guess the money wasn't wasted as I learnt something of what it costs to show abroad!

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