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Andrew Cottrell exhibiting his art at

Born in Birmingham in 1967, I attended a school in Somerset for boys with Dyslexia, where my love of art developed.
I studied Illustration at Falmouth & Hereford College of Art where I developed my present styles, both of which are colorful and textured.
Main influences on my work include light, shade and far eastern countries. I have travelled to India and Malaysia and my more recent pieces of work pick up on recent travels to France and Venice.
I greatly admire the work of the Artist’s N.C. Wyeth and his son Andrew. These artists have influenced my work over the years and so has Anthony Green.
Please visit my website to see more of my work and I look forward to hearing from you.
Andrew Cottrell


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Anita Davies

Friday, 25 April 2014 - David Stephens

I was born in Cornwall and have lived here all my life.  I studied graphic design at Falmouth Art College and have been a working designer for 27 years.  I live on the north Cornwall coast, a stone's throw from the beach and the famous Bude Canal nature reserve.  The natural beauty of these surroundings inspire me and I have continued my arts education with further training in slab-built and wheel-thrown ceramics, sculpture techniques, silversmithing and glass fusing (working in the studio of a world-renowned glass artist).  I try to combine various disciplines in my current work with decorative, functional and sculptural elements, various techniques and mixed materials.
I'm a member of the Contemporary Glass Society and, before becoming a full-time glass worker, was a consultant to the architectural glass industry and directly involved in the design of decorative glazing.  This knowledge, combined with my experience in glass fusing techniques, gives me a unique insight into the artistic marriage of architecture and art-glass which I put to good use for my customers.  I am available for commissions and provide design work and comprehensive quotations free of charge.  Please visit my website :-  to see more of my work or read my blog :-   to read about the philosophy behind my work.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Great Art ....


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Friday, 18 April 2014

Louise Charles-Saarikoski -

Louise's inspiration comes exclusively from the natural world, and most enjoys capturing animal expression and behaviour.
Louise is originally from Gloucestershire, in the UK, but now lives in Helsinki Finland with her Finnish husband. However, she sells paintings worldwide, and regularly takes paintings to England for exhibition.
She takes commission work for both domestic animals, and wildlife. For equestrian and pet portraits, she encourages clients to provide reference photographs which provide clarity, and show the true character of their animal. Something only the owner perhaps would recognise. This leads to a more pleasing, and special portrait.

Auriol Luckhurst at b Gallery art directory

I am a self taught artist from books, DVD's and more importantly from practice and experience and with a creative passion for colour and detail. Needless to say I have developed my own style. I enjoy painting landscapes but like to include water or a building. I like painting buildings that inspire me but it has to be 'love at first sight'. I look for originality, quirky features, colour and an interesting background. I focus my paintings mainly on Kent, where I live but am not averse to straying occasionally. I have accepted commissions and continue to do so. I paint from my own photographs and sketches. I often put figures or animals in my pictures to give them life and interest. I have tried other mediums but always return to watercolour or from time to time pen and wash.
I started painting around 7 years ago, inspired by an artist, who at that time was appearing regularly on satellite TV. He was so laid back and to me, he made watercolour painting seem possible to anyone who was willing to try. So I did and it was awful but I enjoyed it so much I kept going. I also kept watching Charles Evans and I made notes to help me remember what he said. A couple of years later when I’d rounded off the rough edges of my efforts and made modest progress, I was lucky enough to get a place on a workshop run by Charles Evans himself. He is still very much involved in the teaching of art, running workshops and painting holidays but rarely visits my area in South East England. His home and studio are in North East England and I am not able to travel that far for workshops. However I have accumulated a selection of his books and still refer to them from time to time, as I take on bigger challenges with my work for which I need further tuition.
From childhood I always had an interest in drawing but never had the opportunity to explore further than the occasional art class at school. Throughout my life I did develop writing skills, writing a one-act play and take an acting part in it. I enjoyed acting at an amateur level. For a while I ran my own PR business. There was no time to paint until I retired.
I paint constantly but not regularly because I have other commitments that need my attention, a disabled step-daughter, young grandchildren, and a husband with some health issues. I, myself am a lifetime sufferer of Fibromyalgia and need to be aware of my limitations. My painting output is therefore steady rather than prolific. I am not good at working to deadlines because I can’t forecast my day to day availability; having said that, I produced 3 commissions in 2011, in reasonable time and to the satisfaction of my clients.
My subjects are mainly set in Kent, my home county, as I rarely travel further unless for a week’s holiday, but I do like to paint whatever inspires me on a whim and that might be a group of people in action or wildlife of some kind. I am a keen photographer and I always paint from photographs.
I get such a thrill of pleasure and satisfaction when my pictures are appreciated.

To see more of Auriol's work and have the opportunity of contacting the artist herself ~ Please follow the link below where you will be taken directly to Auriol's own exhibition area at b Gallery art directory ~ Thank you

Monday, 14 April 2014

Auriol Luckhurst

Auriol is a self- taught artist with the support of books, DVD’s and experience. She has developed a passion for colour and detail, beginning with watercolours, which she believes will always be her first love, but she wanted to try other mediums as well. So far, she has come to enjoy doing pen and wash drawings and currently she is experimenting with acrylics which have the wide scope she needs to satisfy her curiosity search for challenge. Auriol senses there will be no ending to the experience. The subjects that she focuses on, mainly range from landscapes and waterscapes to buildings within busy scenes and classic cars. She concentrates on colour, tone and most of all interest in the form of surprise or curiosity.
Auriol's paintings are mainly set in Kent, a county where she was born and presently lives. However, she particularly likes the scenery in Hampshire and Dorset and frequently strays over the Kent border into Sussex. Boats and water scenes appeal and she frequently feels a pull to the River Medway which flows through Kent into the estuary by the Isle of Sheppey. Its journey through pretty villages, country towns and ancient sites provide much inspiration for an artist. In accepting a challenge Auriol was once required to paint a classic car and after that painted several. For some reason she has yet to paint her own classic car!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Cornwall Today Jeanni Grant-Nelson: Feature for January’s Health & Well-being Edition Article by Helen Mulhern

The Art Whisperer
I am fascinated by the likes of Derren Brown and The Mentalist.  I love looking at human behaviour – why do we act in certain ways, how do we react to stimulus and why are some people better at some things than others.

I would like to be better at drawing.  So when professional artist, Jeanni Grant-Nelson, said that she could have me filling a pad with images that I would be proud of within three hours I was intrigued.

During our session I discovered that Jeanni is an art whisperer.  She takes you on a journey using some fascinating exercises - some without pencil even touching paper, pointing out your patterns of behaviour as it unfolds.  It is an eye-opening experience, whether or not you want to develop your artistic talents.

We started by drawing a chair, a building and a woman.  Out came my stick chair, woman complete with triangle dress and a tin mine.  Jeanni’s first point was quickly made – I was not drawing what I saw.  

Jeanni explained how we fall back on patterns of learnt behaviour – especially under stress. Using some very clever exercises (which I will not give away here!) Jeanni highlighted I was making assumptions rather than really looking.  These exercises helped me to focus on looking at the subject and less time looking at my page.  

Now breathing properly, feeling far more relaxed, my drawing became looser and I found myself really enjoying myself, whilst Jeanni drew attention to things that I was doing and drawing my potential out.   

Could I actually be one of the many success stories that Jeanni rightfully talks proudly about? You will have to judge my results for yourself, but I’m still astounded by what I created in a three hour session, where we spent most of the time talking and understanding conditioned behaviour.

Not just an art lesson, Jeanni uses her sessions to open minds.  Perhaps her teachings should be called ‘the art of well-being’ as you are totally focused and external realities slip away.  However, using skills from the old masters, Jeanni taught me more about the fundamentals of art in few hours than during years of GCSE Art and A Level Ceramics.

Jeanni has enabled me to draw.  Which sums up what she does – enables you, skills you, gives you an understanding of how you have been programmed to approach things and what you can achieve if you take a different approach. Lessons that I will apply to other areas of life, not just art.  I will also use what I have learnt as an escape and form of relaxation, breathing deeply and calmly, losing myself in what I am creating, no longer fearing failure.  

This feeling of health and well-being is often experienced during Jeanni’s sessions. Heather Mellor suffered a stroke leaving her with Dyspraxia and without the use of her right hand:

“I suffered extensive brain damage following heart surgery, 18 years ago.  I have recovered well but I still have various functional difficulties, one being dyspraxia. My drawing lesson with Jeannie gave me such a boost, not ever attempting anything like that before, even pre heart op times.  I think she is an inspired and inspiring teacher and understood my disability giving me confidence to try to use my left hand. It was such an enjoyable morning.  My husband, who sat in on the session could not believe what I achieved.”
Picture of Heather with her sketch below

Jeanni also helped a gentleman who had broken his back.  He was sought out by a very worried wife after a couple of hours, as he had missed his pain medication – he hadn’t even noticed.  He was fully engrossed, engaged in creativity and having fun.

What Jeanni offers is for anyone, at any age, at any ability, or with any medical condition. It opens doors, minds and eyes, making you look and think again about many aspects of life, helping you to find your true ability and potential.

If that’s too hippy for you then, take it from Adam -

“As a neuroscientist that has been brought up to rely on logic and reason I was always going to be sceptical about today.  But once you relax and immerse yourself in the thought experiments and put aside your own prejudice it really is surprising to see what you can do.  I really enjoyed the charcoal session and would love to be part of another workshop again.” 
Picture of Adam with his sketch below

Jeanni is a professional artist and a graduate teacher.  Her seascapes, landscapes, portraits and animal commissions can be found in private collections across the world including Holland, Germany, France, USA, Australia and in UK galleries. Her images are on sale at Truro Cathedral and the National Trust and she is also the artist in residence at The Nare.  

She teaches art in a range of ways and places (including on line), to diverse audiences, for different reasons – from straight art lessons to team building and therapy. She has worked in locations which include the Emirates Stadium with professionals such as UK Sport, British Basketball, Olympic coaches and returning ex-servicemen, through to leading business people; from London’s homeless, to Neuroscientists at Oxford University.  

She brings out artistic talents in people that firmly believed that they did not have any - who are then amazed, myself included.  She has a unique way of teaching which activates different parts of your brain so that you observe differently and create differently – both in art and life. Jeanni unravels what is holding you back and then gives you the knowledge to free yourself from your habits and fears.

Jeanni teaches the true fundamentals of sketch, paint and perspective but so much more. Her classes are structured as a set of three 3-hour sessions: lesson one - sketching and the structure of picture making; lesson two - perspective, vanishing and focal points, shadows and reflections; lesson three - paint and colour for any medium and a consolidation of information. Jeanni offers residential or non-residential courses, lessons at a location of your choice, or on line, and she brings all of the equipment that you need.

For more information about Jeanni and her mind, body and soul experience, 
It’s not just for those who want to learn to paint and draw,
but those who are interested in human behaviour or want to experience a sense of well-being.

The only limitation is your own imagination” Henry Ford

Jeanni grants three wishes, or rather three 3-hour lessons:
-        How to see and draw whilst breaking down negative, fears habits and assumptions

-        How to see clearly, understand and use perspective, whilst gaining new perspective of yourself

-        How to paint and pull all the lessons and information together 

You can do just one lesson, or do all three. 

Heather Mellor

“I suffered extensive brain damage following heart surgery, 18 years ago.  I have recovered well but I still have various functional difficulties, one being dyspraxia. My drawing lesson with Jeanni gave me such a boost, not ever attempting anything like that before, even pre heart op times.  I think she is an inspired and inspiring teacher and understood my disability giving me confidence to try to use my left hand. It was such an enjoyable morning.  My husband, who sat in on the session could not believe what I achieved.”

Neuroscientist at Oxford University

“As a neuroscientist that has been brought up to rely on logic and reason I was always going to be sceptical about today.  But once you relax and immerse yourself in the thought experiments and put aside your own prejudice it really is surprising to see what you can do.  I really enjoyed the charcoal session and would love to be part of another workshop again.”
Adam - Neuroscientist at Oxford University

Eventy -Marketing&PR @EventyMarketing @jeanni_art 
Thank you jeanni! I loved every minute of your art lesson. Hope lots of people read about it in @Cornwall_Today 

Jeanni Grant-Nelson
mobile: 0781 883 8524

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British artist Susan E. Ash at Agora Gallery, NYC

An exciting exhibition coming to Agora Gallery, NYC.  The exhibition, Sensorial Realms, will feature the artwork of British artist Susan E. Ash. The exhibition is scheduled to run from December 17, 2013 through January 9, 2014. The opening reception will be held on Thursday night, December 19, 2013 from 6-8 pm.
Exhibition times and a press release are pasted below; the following link will take you to her full art display:

Thursday, 3 April 2014


Discover Art Bookazine Issue 1
GreatArt and Discovery Media Group are very pleased to introduce you to Discover Art! A brand new inspirational and stimulating resource for the practising artist, whatever their age, experience or preferred medium.

Nicola Colbran Freeman's Stunning Artwork For Sale ....

Inspired by light, nature and my travels.
I paint in a variety of mediums.  Oil being my favourite, however I also work in watercolour and pastel. My subjects are varied as I constantly need a challenge and am alwyas seeking new and inspiring images to capture.  My work includes portraits inspired by many years working as an international make-up artist.  Animals and pets which have always surrounded me, and the human body.  I love plienair, sea, sky and landscape with its ever changing light.
My studio/gallery is at my home on the Kent/Sussex border in an area of outstanding natural beauty and it is here that I do much of my painting and commissions.
I was born in London, went to Rochester School of Art after leaving school, then persued a career in Fashion and after a short time proceeded to work as a freelance make-up artist.  I spent many years travelling the world and was lucky to visit many stunning places which still inspire me.
To paint is such a great joy and I always look forward to my next project.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Mark Harrison - b Gallery

Mark is a freelance illustrator with over 15 years experience.
His illustration, caricatures and paintings website can be found at:
Mark's work is produced digitally using photoshop from scanned rough drawings. He uses this method for illustration work and also to produce colour roughs for paintings. The final printout enables him to match colours as close as possible for the final painting.
Although he catagorises himself as an illustrator his paintings are more cartoon in style as opposed to me being a cartoonist if that makes sense.
Recent exhibitions:
2011 'SUPER iAm8BiT' group show, 2147 gallery, Los Angeles
2011 'Illustration showcase' shared exhibition, The Unity Theatre, Liverpool
2011 'Come Together' Beatles art group show, Liverpool Academy of Arts, Liverpool
2011 'Liverpool Open' group show, Editions gallery, Liverpool
2010 '30 Years Present' Biennial group exhibition, The Unity Theatre, Liverpool
2009 'Monster illustration show' solo exhibition, The Unity Theatre, Liverpool

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The PostCard Challenge

bgallery are to be one of the jurors of The PostCard Challenge: details can be found in the New artists magazine DISCOVER ART, out now available at WHSmith and good newsagents. Discover Art is in our opinion a new and exciting art magazine and we are delighted to be partners with them.
Please contact me if you would like to be a part of bgallery art directory at (4 photos)

Kasia -

I am a painter of colours and strange sometimes surreal stories from my own imagination and my dreams.
My work is extremely varied from 2 dimentional realistic portraits, modern figurative, through surreal, fantastic, semi-abstract, abstract, installation, 3D printed sculptures, video-art till animation.
To practice art is like practising Zen. You must live intuitively and honestly, wholeheartedly and without reservations. And I see my duty as an artist as it was first expressed by Schumann: “To send light into the darkness of men's hearts".
I have painted my whole life and that is no exaggeration. I did my first mural painting at the age of 4. When I was 15 years old I sold my first abstract painting.
I was born in Poland in the very intriguing, multicultural but in some respects ugly city of Lódz. However I left it after becoming Master of Arts at the University of Lódz.
I studied art formally from the age of 12 till 19 at private art schools and ateliers.
Most of my paintings have been sold to private collectors from around the world, approximately 149 works in total to 79 collectors, two art galleries and the Museum of Fine Art in USA.
I just love to try and learn new techniques and to experiment with new media.