Sunday, 20 December 2015

Syra Larkin's Love of Art is Shown in her Work ...

I attended Hammersmith College of Art London from 1969- 1973. After leaving Art School I started to learn about the craft of painting and have been learning ever since.
I believe my love of Art to be part of my genetic makeup. My maternal grandfather was a professional artist and my paternal grandfather aspired to be a professional artist.
When I was growing up we had one art book in the house. A large picture book on renaissance art as a child I used to love looking at the paintings in this book and especially Raphael's paintings.
I draw and paint almost everyday for painting is the career that I have chosen and over the past 30 years I have built up a substantial body of work.
In the past 3 decades my work has changed and evolved. Although I believe there is an underlying thread that runs through all of it.
Picasso changed his style with each new love affair my love is constant. The changes for me are more subtle as in the same way as ageing, my hair is no longer brown, there are more lines on my face, I am not as tall, not so slim, My outward appearance and dress has changed with time yet I am still me.
The outward appearance and style of my work may changes but what makes it unique to me is the passion and love for art that I put into my work that comes from my head and heart

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