Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Robert Jackson exhibits his work on b gallery art directory around the world.

I am a Luton-based artist/printmaker working mainly with lino cut techniques. The subjects I am drawn to are abandoned buildings with a haunting character and architechural stonework.
I studied Foundation at Falmouth College of Arts, and Product Design at The University of Luton. I have since worked in the manufacturing sector as a CAD draughtsman and sheet metal worker.
Printmaking is a media that combines industrial principals with image-making and provides endless opportunities to experiment. Most of my prints are from carved lino blocks, using a reduction method that allows the layering of different colours by removing more lino between ink applications. This technique (sometimes called the 'suicide method') makes the edition limited to the initial batch as the first layers have been cut away. All prints are small batch and are limited edition unless marked 'open batch'.
This year I am using etching techniques when cutting the lino, and have brought block printing principals to metal plate etching. This quite unique development I call 'relief etching'.

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Robert is also available for commissions.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Welcome to Martin Davis ~ exhibiting in b Gallery art directory around the world.

I grew up in the coalfields of Derbyshire in the UK during the 1950’s and 60’s, painting and drawing from an early age - as soon as I could grasp a brush or pencil in fact. My art has always been a private passion, one that I've carried with me ever since childhood, through the 1970’s as a student and on into my adult life.
I graduated from the University of Birmingham, UK in 1976 with an honours degree in Economics and spent the next 30 years in the UK Fire & Rescue service. I only turned fully to painting from 2008 after I left the service and found the time to devote to it.
In 2010 I was shortlisted for the Art of Giving, National Art Competition at the Saatchi Gallery, London.
About my art
I consider myself a modern traditionalist painter. My subject matter may vary, in so far as I don’t have a consistent theme or thread running through my work, although I am always moved by what may lie behind superficial appearances. My imagination is usually fired by something I find in everyday things, things that are often linked to a memory from the past. Sometimes just part of a remembered image-even a simple one like the way sunlight plays on a hat brim-is all it takes. For me there is a kind of strength, even beauty, inside everything if you look closely enough – it doesn’t have to be anything intrinsically pretty, or attractive or especially worthy of attention. In my experience quite often it is better if it isn’t.
I am largely self taught and consider myself a student practicing art; probably I always will. I produce work in numerous different media but my heart lies in oils because I love its plasticity and textural qualities. Perhaps because of my love of handling paint producing art for me has always been as much about the creative process itself as the end product.
Above all what I get out of art is a kind of endless, compulsive challenge. When I get up from painting I feel an immediate compulsion to go straight back to it again and as long as the drive remains I will always paint.
My greatest hope is that my art might reach out to the observer, mean something more than just a passing glance or strike a chord within them they were perhaps unaware even existed. Showing my work means laying myself bare but it is something I love to do as it makes it possible for me to make a connection with others......but it’s not why I paint, it never was. Painting for me just calms the soul.

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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Today we celebrate the amazing art work of b Gallery art directory's Maggie Tweed

Inspired by the textures, rhythms and colours of the sea and coastal landscapes - Maggie uses a mixed media approach in her work to capture the mood and feeling of a particular theme.
Many of her pieces are inspired by natural sources and she is particularly passionate about the sea and coastal landscapes of the wild and beautiful Pembrokeshire coastline where she grew up and still spends much time.
Rock formations, sand erosion and sea surfaces and the way these constantly change and evolve in response to external influences such as weather patterns - have long held a fascination. These in turn are reflected in Maggie's work as textural responses to the places and spaces from which she finds her inspiration.
Maggie is an exhibiting artist/designer-maker based in TRING, Hertfordshire - and is a Member of the Herts Visual Arts and Bucks Visual Images Group.

Works include Canvas, Collagraphs, Sketchbooks, Altered Books and Papier Mache.
*A Member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen, London.
*Visiting Tutor Missenden Abbey, Gt Missenden, Bucks

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Friday, 2 March 2012

b Gallery art directory would like to share with you today the wonderful work of Yasmin Marsh

"Most of my paintings are oils on canvas inspired by places I have visited over the last few years." ~ Yasmin

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