Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Nicola McLean's Beautiful Work

I am a self taught artist with a love of animals and the natural world.  Animals feature in much of my work, be they farmed, wild or companion. I do many pet portrait commissions and I aim to capture the essence and unique personality of the subject with each brushstroke. I would describe my animal art as realistic with a healthy dose of whimsy as I love to inject personality and vibrancy of colour in every painting. 
As well as animals, I am inspired to paint the landscapes and seascapes of my beautiful surroundings in the far north of Scotland. The skies are massive up here where it is so very remote and they make for some spectacular sunrises, sunsets and even shows of the northern lights when the conditions are right. Nature's own palette inspires the vibrancy and texture of my landscape work and I tend to focus on the colour and drama of the scene, endeavoring to capture the impression of a moment in time such as a sunrise or a stormy day and the effect that has on the landscape, rather than the specifics of the landscape itself.

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