Sunday, 25 January 2015

David Gilchrist Exhibiting at bGallery

I am  a Glasgow artist  and love to paint seascapes , portraits etc. I work mainly in oil colour and here I am showing some seascape paintings I have for sale - more to be added later as time permits . If you would like to see more and past works please visit my website. Commissions taken to order for portraits and seascapes.

Jenny Cufflin -

Jenny paints in oils, mixed media and acrylics, enjoying the materiality of the paint. Many paintings have their beginning in things seen as she walks along the cliffs or beaches near her home in Dorset or in West Cornwall. Jenny loves wide open spaces and skies, the elemental in landscape and seascape; but also the details in small objects, stones and shells, leaves and lichens.
A sketchbook is an important tool for recording ideas, drawings, colour and texture notes, the play of light. These become the starting point for a piece of work, but the delight comes in the chance marks and qualities of the surface of the painting as she works back in the studio.

Anita Davies Textile Artwork


A graduate of the highly regarded Design Crafts course at Hereford College of Art, Anita has been making decorative art and jewellery for over 15 years.
Her art work draws on the decorative fragmented surfaces of ancient jewellery, reliquaries, frescoes and tiled surfaces. Museums and Art Galleries fueled her obsession from an early age. As a child she enjoyed piecing things together in her mind and learnt to appreciate highly decorative, elaborate surfaces that had been time worn and broken.
This has shaped the way Anita designs. She prefers abstractions and incomplete images and textures and although her work has no direct narrative it does have a language of pattern, texture and colour. Anita likes to capture the idea of buried treasure in her work, fragments of artefacts that were part of something bigger, which now no longer exist.

Peter Bodifee's Abstract Art at bGallery

 My eyes, my skin, my mind and nature are my inspiration.
All works are abstractions in a very  pure and often  square-framed form.
These are metaphors of my relationship with mother  earth and mankind.
Our society is organized to label and to frame lives. So I subscribe my motto:
Jump the lines and cross the borders.
I’m using different kinds of materials, like paper, canvas, wood, plywood and waste as subsoils for my acrylic paintings.
Sometimes I paint directly, often in accumulating layers, so you’ve to guess what’s underneath.
That’s the struggle to be on good terms  with contemporary life.
It’s difficult to celebrate life when simultaneous  you’re perceiving the evolving cruelty.

So I’m painting to survive indifference.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Jacqueline Mia exhibits her work

I produce vibrant, textured, tactile pieces using unusual materials to add dimension and intrigue to my work.
Yes I do encourgae you to run your fingers over my work -  although my art looks delicate it is very robust. ( and can be cleaned) Experiencing the texture is part of the appreciation process!
I love vibrant and unusual colour combinations which make my heart sing, sounds romantic but Im sure you know what I mean. 
To me art is to brighten and enlighten, to make you catch a moment to ponder. Above all I hope my work is seen as beautiful. The dimensions and shadows of the depth and texture captures a different light from different angles around the room giving you a different vision every time.
About me?!
My name is Jacqueline Mia, I sign all my work with just 'MiA'  
I am a Graphic Designer by trade and still work freelance when commissioned. Art is my joy and where my heart is.
I work in a small studio within my home, I am surrounded by brightness and inspiring images. In my geek-corner waits my AppleMac!
I am passionate about my art being able to be appreciated by the visually impaired or blind. 
I am happy to accept commissions or re-paint one of my pieces in a different size to suit your space. Some of my pieces are large its true, these were created with business premises or hospitals in mind.
I have exhibited widely, and also loaned my work to hospitals for 'Art as Therapy' schemes.
All my work is professionally framed, if for any reason you would like the frame removed I am happy to do this for you.

To find out more about Jacqueline Mia and view her stunning work, use the links below .....

Seonaid Clarke's Impressive Paintings

Award winning self-taught artist, Seonaid Clarke, lives and works in Stornoway. In recent years she has gained increasing recognition for her realistic and sensitive portraiture whilst also forging a name for herself as an up and coming contemporary artist with original Harris Tweed creations artwork –painted directly onto the tweed. 

Margie's Artwork at

Margie lives in Cornwall, and can see the river fal from her studio. this year she turned 15 houses into postcards. it kept her wonderfully busy, If you want your house or your business turned into a postcard please contact her.  Margie is also illustrating children's names. See Amilia in her gallery space. And one of the houses she have turned into a postcard.

Art for ages & abilities by Jeanni

Follow Heidi Jayne Best and her Beautiful Artwork

Rubens and His Legacy starts this weekend 24th January 2014

The highly anticipated, landmark exhibition opens 24 January.
★★★★ "Superb. Demonstrates Rubens’ reach into just about every area of art over the past four centuries." The Telegraph
Explore Rubens’ career through themes, from lust to power, violence to poetry, and see his masterpieces alongside the work of those he influenced: Picasso, Van Dyck, Rembrandt, Delacroix and many more.
Plus visit Jenny Saville’s La Peregrina, a specially curated response to the exhibition showcasing selected works by some of the 20th and 21st centuries' most revered artists, including Willem de Kooning, Francis Bacon, Sarah Lucas, and Lucian Freud.
Before you visit, take a look at Rubens: A Beginners' Guide.
Book now to discover more than 400 years of Rubens’ remarkable influence.

Sponsored by BNY Mellon, Partner of the Royal Academy of Arts
Royal Academy of Arts

Piccadilly site:
Burlington House, Piccadilly
London W1J 0BD