Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Introducing Heidi Jayne Best's Artwork at bGallery

Through painting and video I attempt to explore physical sensations and psychic emotions stemming from personal experience, female identity, sexuality and the presence of the body. The dynamics between myself and a physical projection through gestural painting are revealed through the growing connection between myself and the environment in which the work develops. My practice draws on memories expressed in a visual language worked out through visceral exploration of painterly surface, suggestion and movement. This passage is at the root of a series of paintings where I hope to reclaim the male dominated realms of expressionist painting through female selfhood and a deeply corporeal connection to the physicality of the materials I work with. It is through this reclamation that I hope to convey my identity within the expressive nature of the creative act. I see this as a ritualistic and almost symbolic method of development where the a physical trace of an artistic presence offers a lingering notion of the critical self-reflection that takes place within my practice dealing with elements of my personality, sexuality and desire

Introducing Mark Skirving

Mark Skirving is an established professional artist with a great love of the history of Western art. Mark began painting in 2003, yet in such a short space of time has become well established selling many works through galleries, exhibitions and commissions by private collectors in Great Britain, Europe, South Korea, Argentina, The USA and Canada. He has also created many large scale public murals for the Borough of Walsall and produces works in both digital photography and film.

As well as being an accomplished artist he is also a musician of international repute. Mark has been involved with Jazz & Blues music for the last 25 years and has had his own successful band for all of that time. He is the front man for King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys; he plays the baritone saxophone and sings the blues, releasing ten albums and currently working on the eleventh. Check him out at www.kingpleasure.co.uk

QUALIFICATIONS       BA Fine Art Degree[ Hons] 1st Class –  MA Fine Art & Philosophy- Commendation

Monday, 1 September 2014

Artist John Heywood

John mainly paints coastal scenes, river scenes and landscapes.
He has been painting for about 30 years now and what began innocently enough as an interesting if challenging hobby has in recent years somehow got out of hand. John cannot complain; he simply loves to paint!
Whenever possible John paints "en plein air" and sets up his easel in front of the scene he wants to paint, although for larger pieces he of course has to work in the studio.


Ann Stringer-Paget

Ann is a professional artist, living and working from her studio based in Staffordshire.
Initially trained as a Design Engineer working within the Motor sports Industry, she would paint in her spare time, exhibiting collectively and alone. Her success and love of the creative process, led to a decision to quit Engineering and paint full time.
During the last 20 years, Ann has been dedicated to her first love of painting. She also teaches privately and holds lectures relating to the Work of the Old Masters when time permits.
In the past she has given presentations to Universities and Public Institutions around the UK.

She is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, an active Member of the Birmingham Watercolour Society and an Associate of the American Watercolor Society.
Ann studied Modern and Contemporary Art with The Tate London, qualified for Public Speaking via the English Speaking Board.  She also runs her own Fine Art Tuition Company
"Being inspired is my driving force to paint and I find that there is so much to be inspired by! A moment in the day when the air hangs still, a sound, flash of colour, memories.... anything can be the starting point of my journey into paint ! The inspiration will generally dictate the style of the finished work, be it realistic or abstract.
My process will usually start with sketches, either from life or memory, developing on to the moment of expression in the medium of my choice. That choice will be driven by the feeling or emotion that I wish to express in the work, hence the process could lead to working in oils, acrylics, watercolour, pastels or mixed media ….. it’s the outcome that is so important to me, the process and the medium are simply my most treasured and dynamic travelling companions, accompanying me to my final destination."

Jeanni - http://www.visual-awareness.com/

Jeanni Grant-Nelson is based in Cornwall and currently artist in residence at the prestigious Nare Hotel. A graduate of Exeter University, she has worked as a freelance artist and art/drama teacher in the UK and Australia.
Her seascapes, landscapes, portraits and animal commissions can be found in private collections across the world including Great Britain, Holland, Germany, France, USA, Australia and in UK galleries.
Jeanni is creator and director of “Visual Awareness Ltd”, an art event company which runs charity and team building days with groups of up to150 students in locations such as the Emirates Stadium and for organisations such as UK Sport, British Basketball and the Olympic coaches.

Jenny Reynish joins bGallery with her unique artwork

Gardens of Delight
Rain Forest 2

Grzegorz Czarnecki unique artwork at www.bgallery.co.uk

Grzegorz Czarnecki


 My name is Grzegorz Czarnecki. Currently I reside in Maspeth, New York, but originally I am from Poland. Ever since my youth I have had a profound interest in carpentry. The job of designing and creating all sorts of finished products from wood gave me a feeling of great satisfaction and fascination. When I was 15, I first encountered the style of marquetry. My love for that form of art and, what I quickly discovered, great skill in the field, that I had, opened up a whole new world to me, one which I knew I had to explore.           A beautiful item of marquetry is the fruit of a long and detailed process of picking, cutting, placing, and gluing which takes a long time. In a traditional technique, different design elements are cut separately in an attempt to reduce a gap left by a knife´s blade. As a result, perfectly fit together pieces show no visible signs of insertions and blending together, they create one solid surface.
The motifs applied in intarsia include elements of landscape, animals, flowers, people and geometrical details. A real artist is able to combine factors such as grain, color and texture of materials to render desired aesthetic results as hi would be using a palette to paint paintings.

Nicola J Haigh's Stunning Work

owl embroidery
I work from my studio in Orleton, Ludlow, Shropshire, England.I have taught art for many years to both adults and children, my philosophy is to experiment and enjoy! I love watercolour, batik and textiles and I combine these together in wall hangings. My work is mostly based on nature, colour and textures.
hot spot smaller
purple trees smaller

Juliet Drewett's work at www.bgallery.co.uk

Born and bred in Aylesbury, England, and now living in Bedford, England, Juliet’s family, in particular her paternal grandfather was an exquisite painter. “It’s without doubt the colours and shapes in nature that inspire me, and when asked the other day what motivates me to paint, I said quite simply, because it just makes me happy – and I would like to think that’s the case for most, if not all of us, who are lucky enough to take a brush to canvas. Using an acrylic medium I paint large, extravagant and bold compositions of a rich variety of flowers, beach scenes, boats and other genre. I would say flowers and boats are my abiding passions however. Flowers because they’re so diverse, and I suspect that if you were to dream up a flower in your mind then it would probably exist somewhere in the world. And boats because I couldn’t be happier than when I am on the water. Over the years I‘ve exhibited and sold at The New Studio in Olney, Buckinghamshire, taken on commissions for clients, and sold at numerous shows. My last one at Wrest Park, Bedfordshire, I was delighted to sell over forty to the general public.”

Mireille Beaufremez - http://interactiveart.com.au/

Mireille Beaufremez is a computer artist, using her own photography, drawings , paintings or collages as a base for digitization.
The aim of her work is to reveal nature's energies as she experiences them.