Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year from bGallery .....

Wishing all bGallery artists past & present, friends and followers a very A Happy & Peaceful 2016

Saturday, 26 December 2015

The story of 'Frank' By Artist Roy Meats .........

The start of something BIG?   By Roy Meats

Chapter One
……Frank is a scarecrow from Gloucester.  He was well looked after for years and was a happy scarecrow.   Each winter he was bought in from the cold and was re-stuffed, had new clothes and then put back out in the spring.  This went on for years then suddenly it stopped.  He was not bought in and the farm was being neglected, all because the farmer had become old and ill and unable to look after the farm and had no one to help him.
The farm became run-down; fields were unploughed and full of weeds.
‘There was no use for a scarecrow’
Eventually Frank was taken from the field and shoved up against an old disused barn where he stayed here for years.  One day a van arrived at the farm - Frank and all of the farmers’ belongings were put in the van they drove for hours eventually when the van did stop Frank and the farmer were somewhere on the coast!

The farm had been sold and the farmer had retired to the seaside, he had become just too old to look after the farm.  The farmer had always been a busy man and he could not get used to just doing nothing day in and day out.  He decided to become a deckchair seller and for novelty would use Frank to advertise his deckchairs.  Frank was happy again he now had a purpose.
 And this is where Frank’s story begins…………………… to follow
Roy Meats biography
I was born in Nottingham City Centre in 1958. The son of a long Distant Lorry Driver and a Lace Maker, cobbled street were still the norm.
I was always painting and drawing with my dad he loved pictures of Galleon ships. My work was always exhibited at school and I then became fascinated with nature in all its forms.
Having to leave Nottingham due to my father’s work, we settled in the small market town of Atherstone. A whole new world had opened up as nature and wildlife was on my doorstep.
All of my spare time was now spent walking the fields and hedgerows collecting and studying nature, all flora, trees, rocks etc.
I started to sell paintings whilst still at school. My first medium was pencils and water colours, extending into pen & ink, oil acrylic and then enamels.
When I left school I became an apprentice in painting and decorating, studying colour, designs and specialist finishes as part of this training. I developed a flair for sign-writing which eventually became my main source of income.
As painting was still part of my life, I organised my first exhibition in Atherstone Anglia Building Society. The pictures that were on display were mainly all animals.
Upon completing my apprenticeship, I set up my own sign-writing company this was in 1983. I was working mainly for all the different breweries up and down the country. I painted pictorial signs for pubs as there was a big demand for hand painted signs. I was also still selling my paintings and getting commissions for peoples pets etc.
In addition I started designing and producing painted fire screens, clocks and furniture. These were mainly sold at Country Fairs and Country Stores.
My second exhibition took place at Riversley Park Gallery, Nuneaton. This was a complete sell out of all my products and pictures.
With the demise of the brewing industry, the demand for signs and sign writing declined. I took a new direction into painting murals in children’s bedrooms, hotel themed rooms and children’s play areas throughout England and Europe.
My most recent murals have been painted in Father Hudson’s Care Homes in Coleshill. With further work commissioned.
Throughout this period, I have still carried on painting and still do commission work for people. More recently I have decided to take my painting one step further and branch out in limited edition prints. By going down this route I am making my pictures accessible to more people at an affordable price.


Julie Coe's 2016 Calendar Available for Purchase

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Christine Dodd's A Weekly Art Journey Session

Artist Christine Dodd has always used art to process emotions and explore the inner landscape of thoughts and feelings. Now you too can learn the tools to access your creativity in new and exciting ways.

Pots Of Positivity - an ongoing weekly session using papier mache, the invitation is to create pots/vessels with words/poetry, images and positive messages personal to you. £15 per session. 10.30am-12.30pm Thursday.

Have a look at Christine's website for more details and other sessions available - 

Leigh Kemp's New YouTube Video of his Artwork

See more of Leigh's Artwork using links below - 

Ann Brooks Textiles at bGallery

Ann became interested in weaving many years ago when living in northern Sweden – lots of her friends had family looms and this is where her interest in textiles was stirred. On returning home she attended the local weaving classes.
Later, when the children had grown up she attended basket weaving and chair seating classes completing the city and guilds certificate at Missenden abbey. Towards the end of the 1990s she returned to loom weaving.
Designs for her work are heavily influenced by many things including her basket making background, walking through the Chiltern countryside with her two dogs and regular visits to the Victoria & Albert Museum.
Ann generally weaves silk scarves and wraps/shawls though her work does include place mats in paper, linen and willow.
Ann uses mainly silk but often incorporate fine merino wool, high twist silk and high twist wool, linen and cashmere.
During the past few years She has exhibited and sold at galleries and other venues in various parts of the country.

Artist Ameila Tuttiett at

My name is Ameila Tuttiett and my work is mainly concerned with looking at the quirkiness of life, I draw inspiration from the everyday and try to add my own humour to it....

Welcoming Artist Dawn Rodger to bGallery

I became interested in art at an early age. It was the thing I was known to be good at while at school; it made it okay to be shy, quiet and not so confident about sport or my scholastic abilities. Drawing and painting were and still are a source of comfort and satisfaction. Several years ago, I fell ill suddenly with encephalitis (an inflammation in the brain) ending up in intensive care unable to breathe for myself and with little coordination. Since then, I have relearned how to breathe, talk, eat, write etc and rejoined work and family life. Throughout all this, my painting has provided rehabilitation and an outlet for my frustrations. I become lost in a world of colour and texture and let the frustration and compromises of everyday life melt away.
I usually work in oils. I love the smell of linseed oil, the way the paint feels as it smears and the vibrant effects on the colours that glazing can produce. I always use high quality paints mainly Michael Harding or Old Holland and usually assemble and prime the canvases myself to ensure that the pictures will be a good long term investment for people. I also protect the pictures with a layer of retouching varnish to keep the colours vivid and rich.

M.D. Becker - Stunning Photography

M.D. Becker is a self taught photographer that lives and works in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. His interest in photography began to blossom in 2007 when he bought his first camera, since then it has infinitely grown. 
His primary focus is on old building, barns and landscapes. Through his use of color he creates a juxtaposition of a place that is familiar but, only exists in the mind of the imaginer. A place we have seen in a dream but, never have visited.
His photography style is varied. He utilizes realistic, impressionist and abstract styles to create new worlds and dream like scenes.  
He is a Juried member of the Reading-Berks Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. He most recently has been featured in the "Home at Last" exhibit in the Craftmen's Lancaster gallery and the Firefly Bookstore and Gallery. 

Tony Taylor's Stunning Landscapes

Tony painted in oils for many years but it was not until he retired in 1991 that he took up watercolours seriously. Since then, he has taught this medium at the College of Further Education, run his own Winter Evening Classes and Week-end Workshops, given demonstrations to local groups and societies, as well as provide work for his annual exhibitions.

In 1999, following an approach from the Guernsey Tourist Board, he embarked on an additional venture, creating WATERCOLOUR HOLIDAYS IN GUERNSEY for those who wished to combine a holiday in Guernsey with tuition in watercolour painting. He then extended his courses into the UK with regular visits to Cumbria, North Norfolk and Snowdonia. Due to health problems within his family he has been running his courses only in the island of Guernsey for some time and, reluctantly has recently taken a decision to retire from teaching watercolour in structured courses at the end of 2013 to enable him to spend more time painting for himself. He intends to continue providing Private tuition on a one-to-one basis in Guernsey, details of which may be found on his website,

Tony has held a number of successful one-man exhibitions locally and his work may be found in Guernsey Galleries and private collections. He would describe himself as a traditional landscape artist, having spent considerable time studying and following the work of the late James Fletcher-Watson, R.I., RBA. He is determined to continue to promote the great tradition of pure watercolour which his good friend James was so anxious to preserve.