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Artist James Thomas Richardson now at bGallery

 I attended The college of art and industrial design on a commercial art course N.D.D. had two years design,life drawing and drawing for reproduction my mother died and had to leave college1958 and find work.
I had not enough practical experiance to get into commercial and ended up as a telephone engineer i did some work for the G.P.O. as it was know  and painted the Telephone managher at is desk and followed that with a portrait commision of Peter Lambert Pipe Major in the T/A my painting was presented by H.R.H. Princess Margaret at Blagdon Hall with his BE.M.
Now retired i paint in Acrylic and all subjects city scapes ,seascapes ,pets,
children,adults from goood photos.

Martine Norman's Beautiful Work

Traditional realism is often my listed category, though this can only sometimes seem a little subjective. Themes such as Spanish flamenco culture, animal welfare, or caring for the environment are often represented. Small or larger pieces are currently available with motifs from around the world. There are many watercolours, but there are also oils, pencil drawings, pastels, pen drawings….etc., all available or possible. I even have a disc on sale with images from my rather unique and restored doll’s house which contains its own miniature artworks!!

My work has been exhibited in London and Paris and elsewhere. Beyond the shared shows, I use less conventional outlets and I have had a number of informally presented solo exhibitions. I have a Cert. Ed but no longer regularly teach – though the odd talk or workshop is still rewarding. There are still a few copies of my book about general home tutoring available on line….More about my working and philosophy can be found on my own personally created website.


Welcoming Stephanie Holznecht to bGallery

As an abstract artist I view the world from a different perspective. Everything I see and hear is a possible inspiration for a painting. Sometimes the emotions I feel are happy, sometimes sad. It depends on the situations and environments in which I find myself. So many sensations are evoked by the smallest of details. The world becomes overwhelming with everything my mind has to process. Painting allows me to pour these feelings out onto the canvas. It releases the pressure that builds up over the hours and days in-between picking up a paintbrush. It becomes my quiet time, where I can relax and just enjoy the moment.
Abstract art has become a way of life for me. It rules the images I see as I go through my daily life, provoking thoughts for my next painting and feeding off of my emotions for that day. The inspiration that I take from experiencing life creates a feeling that continues to inspire me. I don't think, as an artist, that is something I could ever lose.

Jan Cantle's work on

roses 400x300
I am 'The Accidental Artist',  61, studying art in Wales, disabled and a granny.  A complex mixture which has led to an eclectic style.
The Accidental Artist title because if my rheumatologist had not suggested I went to classes I would never have found the art class at the end of my road.  I was 55 then. Studying art, because I never did at school, and my previous education had never suggested it. Disability is part of me, but is not necessarily part of my art except in how it makes it difficult.  I have mobility problems, only one eye, and a cataract in that. An eclectic style because I am a bit like a child in a sweet shop - I love trying new things, and am happy working in print, 3D, acrylic, pastel, ink, beads, although only competent in watercolour.  Granny to 9 at the last count - I get to share my passion a lot with interested children. 
Feb 27th It is half term and I have missed most of the life drawing classes. Trying to catch up I have used my grandchildren as models, as well as trying to draw people from the tv.  Whilst doing this, I noticed a sloth in a tv advert. Now, I realise that this is what all my life drawings resemble the most. I have resolved to give up attempts to draw people and stick to animals where I am far more successful.
bilidowcar 300x400
PB170010 300x400

Welcoming Judy Lusted to

Judy Lusted is a well known local artist in Cornwall.She is one of the directors of The St Ives Society of Artists. She exhibits in The South West and in London.Judy concluded her studies at Falmouth College of Arts achieving a Masters in Visual Arts and  a BA Hons in Fine Art.She also studied sculpture for two years at Chelsea College of Arts.

M.D. Becker - Stunning Photography

M.D. Becker is a self taught photographer that lives and works in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. His interest in photography began to blossom in 2007 when he bought his first camera, since then it has infinitely grown. 
His primary focus is on old building, barns and landscapes. Through his use of color he creates a juxtaposition of a place that is familiar but, only exists in the mind of the imaginer. A place we have seen in a dream but, never have visited.
His photography style is varied. He utilizes realistic, impressionist and abstract styles to create new worlds and dream like scenes.  
He is a Juried member of the Reading-Berks Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. He most recently has been featured in the "Home at Last" exhibit in the Craftmen's Lancaster gallery and the Firefly Bookstore and Gallery. 

The Impressive Artwork of Mark Skirving

Mark Skirving is an established professional artist with a great love of the history of Western art. Mark began painting in 2003, yet in such a short space of time has become well established selling many works through galleries, exhibitions and commissions by private collectors in Great Britain, Europe, South Korea, Argentina, The USA and Canada. He has also created many large scale public murals for the Borough of Walsall and produces works in both digital photography and film.

As well as being an accomplished artist he is also a musician of international repute. Mark has been involved with Jazz & Blues music for the last 25 years and has had his own successful band for all of that time. He is the front man for King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys; he plays the baritone saxophone and sings the blues, releasing ten albums and currently working on the eleventh. Check him out at

QUALIFICATIONS       BA Fine Art Degree[ Hons] 1st Class –  MA Fine Art & Philosophy- Commendation

Denise Allen at b Gallery

Bramfield painter Denise Allen once sold a painting of waves crashing on to the shore because the buyer felt it made her “want to take her shoes and socks off”.
Allen, who admits that she has become obsessed with depictions of waves on the foreshore, devotes many of her paintings to this subject. Others are studies of evening skies – another favourite theme. In painting both sea and sky she is fascinated by the effects of light and her work often focuses on the network patterns that are produced – in the sea by the foam fragmenting and in the sky by the dying light penetrating and breaking up the clouds.
In her studies of waves crashing Denise believes that the scale and shape of her canvases should match the subject matter. That is why many of the works on show are large, long and narrow. Ideally, and if they would sell, she would paint even larger pictures.
Although she has always had a passion for art and initially was attracted to painting wildlife, Denise’s love of the sea was fostered while living in Bermuda. On returning to the UK she help found the gallery Artshed, but gave up her share to concentrate on her own watercolours and oils and to establish the painting holidays she still runs in Menorca. Today, the holiday island remains an important source of inspiration, though others include the craggy coasts and wild seas of Cornwall and Northumberland.

David Oatley's New Artwork ...

DAVID OATLEY 21-10-1950. Yes 63, Self taught artist. Originally from Shepton Mallet, Somerset. Educated at Wells Cathedral School where I developed a love of painting, especially architectural scenes and landscapes. I was lucky enough to be taught by Peter Coate, a well known landscape painter. After leaving school and college, I spent 38 years in the construction industry. In the year 2000, I started to become very ill and by 2008 had to stop work because of a very debilitating muscle wasting disease. From then on I took up water colour painting, and have, I think improved year on year. I have now sold painting, internationally, nationally and have become well known in the North Cotswolds, which is now very much my home. I am surrounded by wonderful architecture and beautiful rolling hills every one a painting. I am now very disabled and add to my limited income, by selling my, originals, prints, postcards, blank cards and very importantly commissions of landscapes and architecture, at the moment my commission rate is a very palatable £250.00. I hope to receive many commissions. I just can't stop painting!

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Penny Wilton's Monthly Painting Courses ...

I teach monthly painting courses in Acrylic, Mixed media and watercolour each month of the year at Holt village hall, near Wimborne, on a thursday, see my website for details. Bring own materials, 10am - 4pm £25.  Also courses at home and abroad.