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Artist Lyn Bainbridge

Lyn is an artist based in Essex and a member of the UK Coloured Pencil Society.  she specialises in portraiture, working to commission in both graphite and coloured pencil, but also exhibit and accept commissions for still life and landscape subjects.
Largely self-taught, she first exhibited in the 1990s when she was the only coloured pencil artist to show with the Barton Group of painters in Essex.  Lyn currently has work on permanent show in a gallery in Essex and have clients in England and America.
Lyn enjoys the flexibility and subtlety of coloured pencil for figurative work.  She finds people endlessly fascinating as subjects and, although she relish's the technical challenge of producing a good likeness, she tries to find a way to get inside the character of every sitter.  Lyn believes a good portrait should produce a 'shock' of recognition that shows the artist has painted more than life.
Lyn loves the challenge of creating something new, of capturing something she has seen and passing it on for others to enjoy too.  Painting is, for her, about seeing into things in a way that is fresh and immediate.  It is a way of being in the world more fully.
Graphite portraits start at £120 and coloured pencil portraits at £140 (more than one sitter increases the cost)
Landscapes and still life subjects start at £140
Please contact me her email to discuss details of a commission.

Terry Kelly joins

I was born in Manchester, England, in 1948. In the 70s and 80s, I attended adult art classes at Manchester University Campus under the tuition of the painter, William Ralph Turner (1920-2013), whose work is now selling for five figure sums, and life class under the tuition of the sculptor, Francoise Lewis where I became interested in the female form as a subject. I have appeared on Salford University’s Channel M TV and have had work in exhibitions in the UK and America. My work is in private collections worldwide.
When I approach a subject like a person, seascape or landscape, or the space occupied by a still life, I have no wish to duplicate these appearances - a camera can do that. What I try to do is translate what I see and what inspired me to draw or paint the subject in the first place, but in a way unique to me and my abilities as an artist. In this way, the work begins to bear the stamp of my own personality. Some might call it developing a style
I learned, you might say, by studying anatomy and copying old masters, from the Renaissance to the Modern, and I am still learning from the past and contemporary artists I admire. Having reached a level in my career where I can express my own signature, I feel and see in my palette knife paintings in particular, a new way of looking and portraying the subject that is both contemporary and aesthetic. I also paint landscapes and seascapes and find the moors above Greater Manchester inspirational because of the stark beauty of the Pennines. I see everywhere things that inspire me to paint, a combination of colours or shapes, the way someone is standing, a sailing boat out at sea or a cloud formation in the sky. These impressions I never want to be without and hope to share with anyone who appreciates art.

Katie Thomas -

Katie Thomas is an amateur artist from Bristol, UK. Her inspiration comes from the animals and forms of nature, which is one of her passions in life. She has always found great comfort and peace in nature and loves wildlife, taking pleasure in visits to the Countryside and being a Conservation Volunteer. Katie has never been to art school, but has an A level in Art, the completion of which holds many happy memories.

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Hila Farres at

Dynamic brushwork or contemplative use of oils, acrylic and other materials brings a sensitivity to this deeply original work from an experienced and professional artist.
The pieces being made available through B-Gallery are limited edition Fine Art Prints of original paintings/works and are individually numbered and signed by the artist. A signed certificate of authenticity will be provided to accompany the print.
Only a very small number of paintings are being produced as fine art prints. In some cases the original painting may be for sale, contact the artist to enquire.  Other (non-featured) original paintings may be viewed and purchased by direct contact with the artist.  

Barbara Jackson's Beautiful Artwork

Barbara Jackson studied at St Martin's School of Art and the University of London Institute of Education.  Her work has been exhibitied at different locations in the UK and overseas which include several galleries such as the RA Summer Exhibition, the Mall Gallery, the OXO Gallery and other locations in the UK.  She has twice been invited to demonstrate at Art in Action and has taken part in the first Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead in London.  She has been awarded five prizes in print making and has held successful one-man exhibitions in the UK.  She is a member of the Southbank Makers Cooperative, Gabriel's Wharf London and the Printmakers Council.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

David Thomas - b Gallery

David was born in Devon and later moved to Yorkshire, where he now lives. For many years he followed two careers, as an architect and as an artist, but in 1998 took early retirement in order to be able to spend more time painting. His work has appeared in various Yorkshire galleries, and also for several years at the Sadler Street Gallery in Wells. He is a water colourist. David has taken part in the Sunday Times/Singer and Friedlander Watercolour Competition, and his portrait of Morydd, a Welsh farmer, was accepted for the Open Exhibition of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. At last year's Patchings Art Festival he received both the Hahnemuhle and the Daler-Rowney award. Many of his paintings have been commissions, both landscapes and portraits (including house portraits).
All the paintings displayed here can be obtained from him as glicee prints.
The painting of Whitby is appearing in the Beverley Open Art exhibition, starting on 8th December and running through till February.

Kjell Folkvord

Emily Autumn Goddard - b Gallery

Emily trained as an illustrator at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design. She has developed her own inimitable style of acrylic painting resulting in vibrant detailed paintings sometimes with a quirky outlook. For a break from painting Emily enjoys the graphic style of pen and ink, producing images called 'Tangles' and 'Meanders'.
To see more art work or buy prints please visit her web sites.