Saturday, 25 October 2014

David Oatley's New Artwork ...

DAVID OATLEY 21-10-1950. Yes 63, Self taught artist. Originally from Shepton Mallet, Somerset. Educated at Wells Cathedral School where I developed a love of painting, especially architectural scenes and landscapes. I was lucky enough to be taught by Peter Coate, a well known landscape painter. After leaving school and college, I spent 38 years in the construction industry. In the year 2000, I started to become very ill and by 2008 had to stop work because of a very debilitating muscle wasting disease. From then on I took up water colour painting, and have, I think improved year on year. I have now sold painting, internationally, nationally and have become well known in the North Cotswolds, which is now very much my home. I am surrounded by wonderful architecture and beautiful rolling hills every one a painting. I am now very disabled and add to my limited income, by selling my, originals, prints, postcards, blank cards and very importantly commissions of landscapes and architecture, at the moment my commission rate is a very palatable £250.00. I hope to receive many commissions. I just can't stop painting!

David Thomas - b Gallery

David was born in Devon and later moved to Yorkshire, where he now lives. For many years he followed two careers, as an architect and as an artist, but in 1998 took early retirement in order to be able to spend more time painting. His work has appeared in various Yorkshire galleries, and also for several years at the Sadler Street Gallery in Wells. He is a water colourist. David has taken part in the Sunday Times/Singer and Friedlander Watercolour Competition, and his portrait of Morydd, a Welsh farmer, was accepted for the Open Exhibition of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. At last year's Patchings Art Festival he received both the Hahnemuhle and the Daler-Rowney award. Many of his paintings have been commissions, both landscapes and portraits (including house portraits).
All the paintings displayed here can be obtained from him as glicee prints.
The painting of Whitby is appearing in the Beverley Open Art exhibition, starting on 8th December and running through till February.

Julie Maginn - b Gallery

Julie loves being in her studio.

It makes her high.

The paint, the turps, the drips, the tears, the good, the bad and the down right disastrous.
It doesn't matter in there.
This is her space.

Julie can't throw anything away. She reuses old canvas and board. Julie revisits them months later, playing with texture, splashing on contrasting colour, recalling converstations. We are like strangers then, my paintings and her. We have to learn to trust each other again. Take it slowly. Sometimes we say Goodbye, but it's never forever.

David Gilchrist Exhibiting at bGallery

I am  a Glasgow artist  and love to paint seascapes , portraits etc. I work mainly in oil colour and here I am showing some seascape paintings I have for sale - more to be added later as time permits . If you would like to see more and past works please visit my website. Commissions taken to order for portraits and seascapes.

M.D. Becker - Stunning Photography

M.D. Becker is a self taught photographer that lives and works in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. His interest in photography began to blossom in 2007 when he bought his first camera, since then it has infinitely grown. 
His primary focus is on old building, barns and landscapes. Through his use of color he creates a juxtaposition of a place that is familiar but, only exists in the mind of the imaginer. A place we have seen in a dream but, never have visited.
His photography style is varied. He utilizes realistic, impressionist and abstract styles to create new worlds and dream like scenes.  
He is a Juried member of the Reading-Berks Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. He most recently has been featured in the "Home at Last" exhibit in the Craftmen's Lancaster gallery and the Firefly Bookstore and Gallery. 

Nicola McLean's Beautiful Work

I am a self taught artist with a love of animals and the natural world.  Animals feature in much of my work, be they farmed, wild or companion. I do many pet portrait commissions and I aim to capture the essence and unique personality of the subject with each brushstroke. I would describe my animal art as realistic with a healthy dose of whimsy as I love to inject personality and vibrancy of colour in every painting. 
As well as animals, I am inspired to paint the landscapes and seascapes of my beautiful surroundings in the far north of Scotland. The skies are massive up here where it is so very remote and they make for some spectacular sunrises, sunsets and even shows of the northern lights when the conditions are right. Nature's own palette inspires the vibrancy and texture of my landscape work and I tend to focus on the colour and drama of the scene, endeavoring to capture the impression of a moment in time such as a sunrise or a stormy day and the effect that has on the landscape, rather than the specifics of the landscape itself.

Juliet Drewett's work at

Born and bred in Aylesbury, England, and now living in Bedford, England, Juliet’s family, in particular her paternal grandfather was an exquisite painter. “It’s without doubt the colours and shapes in nature that inspire me, and when asked the other day what motivates me to paint, I said quite simply, because it just makes me happy – and I would like to think that’s the case for most, if not all of us, who are lucky enough to take a brush to canvas. Using an acrylic medium I paint large, extravagant and bold compositions of a rich variety of flowers, beach scenes, boats and other genre. I would say flowers and boats are my abiding passions however. Flowers because they’re so diverse, and I suspect that if you were to dream up a flower in your mind then it would probably exist somewhere in the world. And boats because I couldn’t be happier than when I am on the water. Over the years I‘ve exhibited and sold at The New Studio in Olney, Buckinghamshire, taken on commissions for clients, and sold at numerous shows. My last one at Wrest Park, Bedfordshire, I was delighted to sell over forty to the general public.”

The Stunning Work of Roy Meats at bGallery

I am the creator of 'Frank' the English Scarecrow

Friday, 24 October 2014

Welcoming Gillian Hunt A.R.P.S and her stunning Artwork -

Gillian Hunt is a Macro Photographic Artist living and working in Perthshire.
Person statement (followed by Bio)
As a child amongst nature I found a land full of magic lit with incredible peace and joy. I found a place of belonging where there is no judgement, no pressure and no time limits and without realising a place where the rest of the world falls gently into place. This 'communing' with nature has continued into my adult life and I spent time every single day out amongst the flora and fauna that surrounds where I live . . . either just being amongst it, or studying it, or, when the time is right - photographing it.
I have now found that through my photographic art I can actually re-create the feeling of congruence and magic I first experienced as a child and now I want to lead people down to the bottom of their garden and introduce them to that magic teach them how to look at the light and the shade and perhaps allow them time to find their own congruence for a time whilst they are involved in my images.
Full Bio available on my website . . .
Faerie Ballet - the work . . .
Faerie Ballet - A Year in a Day in the Secret Life of the Faeries
Ever wondered what the Faeries get up to at the bottom of the garden? Well maybe this panel will shed a little 'light' and magic onto that very subject.
These images, photographed over three years at various locations and at various times throughout the day, depict Faeries in the ‘Ballet’ of their lives.

Exhibition ....