Friday, 4 September 2015

Zoe Adams Striking Artwork at bGallery

My name is Zoe, and i am a self taught, self employed artist. I have been painting for around 7 years.
I usually always work in acrylic, and like to paint from photographs and or any pictures i can use for reference.I am interested in painting animals, nature, land/seascapes and can work from your favourite photographs
My paintings are unusual in style and i always like to use lots of detail.
My work so far has covered various subjects as you will see from the photos here. I am always available for commission work, so if there is a painting you would like to commission me for please get in touch either by phone or email.
You can also purchase any of the pieces displayed here that state they are for sale directly by clicking on the picture you want and using the paypal link

Jacqueline Hammond's Artwork on Deckchairs ....

Art Print Deckchairs RRP £95 - £100

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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Barbara Jackson's Beautiful Artwork

Barbara Jackson studied at St Martin's School of Art and the University of London Institute of Education.  Her work has been exhibitied at different locations in the UK and overseas which include several galleries such as the RA Summer Exhibition, the Mall Gallery, the OXO Gallery and other locations in the UK.  She has twice been invited to demonstrate at Art in Action and has taken part in the first Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead in London.  She has been awarded five prizes in print making and has held successful one-man exhibitions in the UK.  She is a member of the Southbank Makers Cooperative, Gabriel's Wharf London and the Printmakers Council.

Gillian Jones at bGallery

Gillian studied design and engineering at Nottingham University. Having had a "portfolio career" which has included manufacturing engineering research, software engineering, and a stint as a Royal Naval Officer, she is very pleased to get back to her design roots. Gill's time as a Royal Naval Officer inspired her to create a range of prints of RN ships. Gill also creates pictures from hands and feet, selling them under the name "Gecko Art".
Gill is more than happy to take on commissions and has designed everything from a range of business stationery to a large picture of a caterpillar created from 13 hand prints for customers.

Elisabeth Rittinger Heffa at bGallery

“I am fascinated by the intricate visual manifestations and patterns of life:
People, plants, animals, the elements, rocks, landscapes,... their energy, their moods in a particular moment.
In my work I draw “snap shots” of these moods. Filtered through my own experience , I try to evoke these feelings and communicate that energy to the viewer.”
Elisabeth Rittinger grew up in Austria. She studied painting in Vienna in the Meisterklasse of Prof. Gustav Hessing and graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.
She came to Canada in 1982 and now lives and works in Toronto.

Jenny Cufflin -

Jenny paints in oils, mixed media and acrylics, enjoying the materiality of the paint. Many paintings have their beginning in things seen as she walks along the cliffs or beaches near her home in Dorset or in West Cornwall. Jenny loves wide open spaces and skies, the elemental in landscape and seascape; but also the details in small objects, stones and shells, leaves and lichens.
A sketchbook is an important tool for recording ideas, drawings, colour and texture notes, the play of light. These become the starting point for a piece of work, but the delight comes in the chance marks and qualities of the surface of the painting as she works back in the studio.

Derval Freeman's Artwork now Available at bGallery

Painting is an integral part of who I am, it is my primary form of expression which allows me to achieve a sense of belonging in the world. Painting is a way for me to investigate and resolve my place in areas of time and space in which I occupy.

The environment I am most drawn to is nature. Being surrounded by forestry and vast mountainous spaces trigger my sense of place. It evokes a wonder that drifts between the relevance of humanity and the purpose of existence. When isolated by the surroundings of nature a dialogue emerges through self-awareness where a bond between humanity and nature is significantly felt. Back in my studio this dialogue has a strong hold on what happens when I paint and my aim is to bring these conversations to the surface turning them into something tangible.

Photography is something that I would use as a type of journal, recording ideas and inspirations. I often bring my film cameras out with me to capture the things that interest me about a certain environment. I try to capture the atmosphere and mood of a place that mirrors my mood and emotion. I often put myself into the photo so I can become a part of it. When I study the resulting negatives and images I use the ones that bring visual narrative to my attention.

Heidi Jayne Best and her Beautiful Artwork at bGallery

Through painting and video I attempt to explore physical sensations and psychic emotions stemming from personal experience, female identity, sexuality and the presence of the body. The dynamics between myself and a physical projection through gestural painting are revealed through the growing connection between myself and the environment in which the work develops. My practice draws on memories expressed in a visual language worked out through visceral exploration of painterly surface, suggestion and movement. This passage is at the root of a series of paintings where I hope to reclaim the male dominated realms of expressionist painting through female selfhood and a deeply corporeal connection to the physicality of the materials I work with. It is through this reclamation that I hope to convey my identity within the expressive nature of the creative act. I see this as a ritualistic and almost symbolic method of development where the a physical trace of an artistic presence offers a lingering notion of the critical self-reflection that takes place within my practice dealing with elements of my personality, sexuality and desire.
Heidi Jayne Best

Amelia Tuttiett Shows her Exceptional Talent at bGallery

My name is Amelia Tuttiett and my work is mainly concerned with looking at the quirkiness of life, I draw inspiration from the everyday and try to add my own humour to it

Stacey-Ann Cole's Beautiful Artwork

Hi my name is Stacey-Ann Cole and I am a watercolour artist.  I spend a lot of time creating the type of art that I would like to see more of and I especially enjoy painting black women who are embracing their natural selves.  I like to paint big hair and loose, flowing clothes and serene, happy expressions.
My work often has a whimsical, playful quality to it and I love using vibrant colours to delight the viewer. The paintings I create have often been described as pure and innocent as well as expressive, deep and meaningful. 

I am on a mission to encourage women to seek their authenticity and to enjoy the precious little moments that we all sometimes overlook.

I also create to show my daughter that there are images out there that she can relate to and to show my son that he doesn't have to be afraid to do the things that feed his soul.  I try to encourage them both to be who they truly are and share their gifts with the world because someone out there is sure to respond. 

I was once afraid to share my gifts, but I did it and I've never regretted it.