Saturday, 1 November 2014

Sirenes at

Sirenes was born in 1966, live and work outside Oslo, Norway. In 2011 Sirenes had her first solo exhibitions. In 2013 Sirenes has participated in 7 exhibitions in Italy, Spain, Norway, Canada and New York. She has been represented by Agora Gallery, NYC in 2012 and 2013, and will be represented by galleries in NYC US, Spain and Italy in 2014, Three companies in Norway exhibits her artwork on an on-going basis. Sirenes has been presented in several Art Magazines and publications in Italy: “Effetto Arte” and “I Segnalati” and in United States: “Contemporary Masters Vol VII”, “Artslant Collectors Catalogue” and “Artispectrum”. She has received several special awards for her artwork.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Atousa Raissyan Inspirational Artwork

My artwork takes the viewer through a spiritual journey.  a journey to let go of the unwanted, to find self love, happiness, alignment, and gain awareness.  It is artwork for an enlightened soul or one that is on the path to enlightenment.  I get inspiration in different ways and bring it out either in paintings, drawings, photo manipulation, or combine them into digital art.  The artworks are inspired by a meditation, poetry, quote, or people around me.  Most of the inspiration comes from Rumi, Hafez, Osho, Mooji, and Kahlil Gibran.  in the description for most of the artwork you will see the quote or poem that inspired the artwork.  I wish that my work brings joy, excitement and inspiration to whoever views them.

Hilary Roberts -

Producing images based on my photography has given me pleasure and satisfaction for quite a long time. 
I am a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and a Master of the International Federation of Photographic Art but neither of these distinctions has prevented me from creating unusual and original art.
Travels abroad, especially to Cuba, have resulted in many vibrant images.  However, I also love to create pictures taken in the British Isles and I particularly like to produce elegant scenes of my Regency home town, Leamington Spa.  These local pictures can be seen on my website.
Every component of my pictures has been captured by my camera, but I like to make modifications and changes to each image, maybe removing distractions, harmonising colours or building up layers of meaning.  The technical term for this is "fiddling". 
A huge variety of subjects are included in my portfolio and all are available to purchase as giclée prints on archival art paper.

Frank Martin at bGallery

Since successfully completing a three year Studio Ceramics course at Chesterfield College of Art and Design in 1980 my work has covered a wide range of techniques and materials. The present use of white stoneware enables me to model and use the wheel with the same clay. I work mostly to commission and many of the pieces are repeatable but not identical.
I use a variety of hand built techniques, using slab and coiling and use incised and applied clay for decoration. My insprations come from the landscape and nature, many pieces are influenced by the sea and from my local surroundings - The Somerset Levels.

Graeme Warren at

I have always drawn and painted from childhood, being inspired by my father who painted some very good Renoirs, Degas & Monet and other French impressionists. He taught and encouraged me to draw from an early age and the passion for art has remained with me. Having realised that my work was not good enough to make a career in, I embarked in and have had over 30 successful years in the property world.
My interest in art was rekindled and inspired by my children who both draw and paint very well and who I hope I have inspired at least one of them to make the focus of their careers and life plan.
I wanted somewhere I could display my " weekend pictures" in one place and this website seems a very good medium . I am not expecting anything more than to be able to display my viewpoint of how I see the world and hope that some people enjoy the pictures I have created. These pictures were created over the past 35 years to some earlier this year.
I am hoping to devote more of my time to painting and to improve my technique and style. I hope you like them and would love to receive any feedback.

Angela Bell exhibiting on bGallery

I initially studied textile design at Manchester where we were encouraged to experiment with colour, texture and mixed media.  I like to experiment in my work using a variety of media from a vast array of collected bits and bobs.  I work layer upon layer ultimately creating pieces that have an element of mystery and are harmonious in colour and composition.  I also use acrylics in my work and love to work with them building up layers of glazes.  I am keen to try new techniques and like the element of surprise, not knowing what may happen using different media and techniques.

David Burns at

Sculptural Printmaker
I graduated from Farnham School of Art in 1976, having studied ceramics and glass, I ran an arts business until I moved to Cyril Wood Court in 2010. I have now set up a new studio here and take inspiration from the Dorset countryside and coastline.
I have always seemed to attract the presence of spirit beings and often find their images in unexpected places, I work with these images which are usually either psychic drawings or photography in seemingly unattended places.
When etching I use aluminium plates using a combination of safe chemicals to produce the image. I then work into each plate as if it were a canvas  mixing each individual colour, applying it and blending it onto the plate before printing the image. I pass each print through the press more than once to add additional colours, often deliberately offsetting or reversing subsequent prints to develop an image.
After spending 2 years making a series of etchings, I decided to re-use the printing plates by cutting, combining and overlaying them in conjunction with precious stones, silver and found objects. Using this as a base. I then paint and re-etch on top to create compelling new artworks.
This exhibition is the result of my trying to capture the psychic and spirit images I am given (sometimes unwittingly) in a way that demonstrates there is more to art than meets the eye.


David Oatley exhibits his work at bGallery

DAVID OATLEY 21-10-1950. Yes 63, Self taught artist. Originally from Shepton Mallet, Somerset. Educated at Wells Cathedral School where I developed a love of painting, especially architectural scenes and landscapes. I was lucky enough to be taught by Peter Coate, a well known landscape painter. After leaving school and college, I spent 38 years in the construction industry. In the year 2000, I started to become very ill and by 2008 had to stop work because of a very debilitating muscle wasting disease. From then on I took up water colour painting, and have, I think improved year on year. I have now sold painting, internationally, nationally and have become well known in the North Cotswolds, which is now very much my home. I am surrounded by wonderful architecture and beautiful rolling hills every one a painting. I am now very disabled and add to my limited income, by selling my, originals, prints, postcards, blank cards and very importantly commissions of landscapes and architecture, at the moment my commission rate is a very palatable £250.00. I hope to receive many commissions. I just can't stop painting!

Gillian Flack shows her work on bGallery

Painting has always been a large part of Gillian's life – although originally she trained and worked as an occupational therapist in London. Influenced through instruction by Edward Wesson and Oliver Warman, she exhibits regularly in London at the ROI as well as in the provinces – accepting commissions both in the UK and abroad. Gillian is a member of the Hertfordshire Visual Arts Forum, the Biggleswade Art Society and the Eagle Gallery in Bedford where she regularly exhibit.
Gillian's work is figurative and mainly landscapes. She works on site to capture the changing light and mood of the scene and is  inspired by the effects of light and the shapes that this creates on canvas. Much of her work is inspired by her surroundings in East Bedfordshire, but the opportunities presented by her frequent travels in Europe and beyond have given her the chance to adjust her palette and present the variations in light and topography so different from an English environment.

Erica Brook's Stunning Artwork

I work in most media across a wide range of subject areas, each theme being the springboard for ideas informed by the continuing process of the painting. The landscape of the Staffordshire Moorlands is a constant source of inspiration: the hilly market town of Leek with its outstanding architecture and, to the North, the rocky outcrop of the Roaches marking the start of the Pennines, offer variety and opportunity to explore different ways of interpretation. In much of my work, the prime concern is with colour shape and line, and the challenging and puzzling concepts of space and time on a two dimensional surface. These pre-occupations, together with the changing natures of the materials used, inspire experimentation where the subject matter becomes secondary to the ideas explored. Exhibitions Eleven solo exhibitions throughout Durham and Staffordshire Thirteen group exhibitions Nine Open exhibitions: Staffordshire, Bath, Birmingham, and London Public work - all in Leek, Staffordshire 2012 Design for Manifestation on window frontage of Trinity Church, Derby Street 2013 Design for Dancing Railing - Foxlowe Arts Centre 2013 Commission for Wetherspoon's Green Dragon pub of The Big Mill