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The Stunning Work of Roy Meats at bGallery

I am the creator of 'Frank' the English Scarecrow

Susan E Ash at bGallery

Tending toward “the poetic,  mythical and symbolic,”   Susan E. Ash’s studio practice explores pleasure in the organic world and a sense of universal belonging. Interested in the restorative powers of nature and a unique psychic cavern where animals and trees operate as sentient fellows, these works are deeply layered and of exponential spiritual import. Whether pastel and colored pencil on paper, collage, digital photography, or oil and acrylic on canvas these works are richly colored and cosmically linguistic. Dreamlike and vivid with a current of understated beauty, these paintings and drawings interrogate the cyclical ecologies of living and dying. Compositionally dense and yet free-flowing and polyrhythmic, Ash’s painterly gesture is an expression of embodied sentiment, longing, faith and sacred feminine intuition.
Born in Derby, UK, Susan E. Ash has been painting and drawing since she was a child. She attended Wolverhampton, Exeter College of Art and Westminster University and was involved with the Feminist Art movement in London in the 1970’s. She has exhibited widely in London and currently lives in Devon.   Presently on contract with the Agora Gallery, New York, until October 2014.

The talented Gill Bustamante joins bGallery

Gill Bustamante B.A. – Artist and Art Tutor, Sussex. - I paint beautiful landscapes and life forms that promise better times and places.
I paint in oils on large canvases using thick luscious paint. The subjects are most often about Sussex fields and meadows, woodland scenes, animals and seascapes with mystical elements within them. They are affordable, expressionist, impressionist and slightly art-nouveau in style. They also tend to be attractive and multi-faceted to look at close up as well as from a distance.
I am not arty, deep, mysterious, tortured, ‘emerging’ or anything else artists are sometimes expected to be and neither am I remotely likely to get famous. I just like painting. I am inspired by music, cake and practically anything I look at. I plan to pretend I am dead at some point in order to sell more paintings. 

Peter Goodhall's Impressive Artwork at bGallery

Peter Goodhall has had many solo exhibitions and produces work in a wide range of subjects. He also regularly exhibits at the annual exhibitions of the Royal West of England Academy, the South West Academy of Fine Art, the Royal Society of Marine Artists, the Mystic Maritime Museum in the USA and the Cork Street Open. He won the SAA title ‘Artist of the Year’ with his painting ‘Liberty’. For many years he has been internationally recognised for his drawings and paintings with strong historical and nostalgic influences. A considerable amount of his work has been published. His work can be found in public and private collections worldwide including the RAF and the Royal Navy.

Peter is a representational painter preferring to work in oils on linen canvas and frequently on a large scale. In his paintings that combine water and the female nude, working exclusively from his own photography he concentrates with a high degree of realism on the sensual forms and patterns that emphasize both movement and the play of light. This theme was first explored in the 1970s and has recently been returned to. 





Gary Cooper's Stunning Work

Upon considering a bronze relief, whether it will take form in a medal or plaque, I conduct a detailed search into the subject matter.  Then I will begin to discover key elements of related ideas that might deliver an effective visual allegory of contemporary meaning to the general public or other intended viewer audience.
My research sources include local educators, historians and naturalists.  Elements of the natural world have always provided me with inspiration.  I draw upon a few key and favourite symbols to make a new allegorical connection to use in my bas-relief work.
The ultimate creative objective is to result in an aesthetically engaging design that may appeal to the viewer’s mind to cause thoughtful reflection of the present, past and future.

Glyn Davies exhibits on www.bgallery.co.uk

Abbey_GlynDavies_Composite master flat

Glyn Davies trained as an architect and has worked in his own architectural consultancy in Bath for the last 30 years. During that time he has also worked as an artist in watercolours and oils.
His subjects are mainly urban landscapes of Bath and Bristol and landscapes of the surrounding countryside.  In 2009 he was the winner of the Bath Prize Art Competition and was awarded the watercolour prize at the Bath Society of Artists Exhibition.  He has regularly exhibited work at the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol and at the Royal Society of British Artists and the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours at the Mall Gallery in London.
His subject matter is influenced by his architectural training. The buildings of Bath have been a constant inspiration, not so much the formal crescents but the disorganized backs of buildings and the un co-ordinated elevations of artisan shops.  The hotch potch of buildings clustered together on the hillsides when viewed from the surrounding hillsides through a telephoto lens causes a theatrical foreshortening which can give an unreal two-dimensional effect to the jumble of architectural detail.
The amount of detail is another characteristic of his work so each painting, be it watercolour or oil, often takes some time to complete. For this reason limited edition Giclee prints are available for his works and can be viewed on his web site at www.glyn-davies.com

Picture 007z

Jacqueline Hammond's Artwork on Deckchairs ....

Art Print Deckchairs RRP £95 - £100

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Annie Blanchet Rouze at www.bgallery.co.uk


I am a French artist based in London. When I moved from Paris to London in 2000, I took the opportunity to enrol in a BTEC Foundation in Art and Design before moving to a BA (Hons) Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College in London.
As a graduated artist, the main essence of my artworks lies in the sensory expression ; the fusion between the use of different kinds of materials and the emotional outcome from imagination. This interplay between imagination, emotion and materiality gives me free rein to convey a universal expression.
My artworks modify, reduce or increase some aspects of the real. For instance, having been trained as a sculptor and a painter, I have recently created a series of mixed media paintings that incorporate some materials such as clear resin usually used for sculptures into my mixed media paintings.
I also regularly exhibit my artworks in galleries and art fairs. The most recent ones are The Other Art Fair, Parallax Art Fair in London, Reading, Brighton and Windsor Art Fairs.


Monday, 30 March 2015

Ruta Brown's Beautiful designer Jewellery at bGallery


Ruta makes individually fabricated heat-textured jewellery by directly manipulating precious metals using hand tools and heat.
Forged, folded, sterling silver forms are torch reticulated in exploration of the structural possibilities of the metal. Internal changes produce surface movement, finished pieces are sometimes combined with high carat golds to emphasize contrast and texture.

Jeremy Turner's Artwork at bGallery


A gift from Mexico started it - a painted carved wooden fish. he was struck by its crude vitality and knew he wanted to make things like this. Jeremy's personal visual language has developed from a familiarity with many carving traditions,particularly Romanesque sculpture and Mexican Folk-Art.
Graduating as a sculptor in 1970, he started his woodcarving business with an Enterprise Allowance Scheme grant in 1985. As well as carving dishes and bowls he started doing a lot of relief carving and lettering, so that house signs and relief panels soon became an important part of my work.
Jeremy takes pleasure in working with wood, how it behaves, how it cuts with
sharp tools, the smell of it. he uses relief carving to unite picture
making with the physical deliberateness of carving, combine colour with the
crisp use of light and shade, and play with shape, form, pattern, and textures.
With this language and material I explore many themes:  human desire and want; conflict, intolerance, and other major issues and anxieties of our time; and pattern, number and geometry in natural forms. He brings together shapes of cars, expensive watches, handbags, perfume bottles and warplanes, to evoke joy, threat, attraction and repulsion, and a wonder at the everlasting mystery of creation. Jet planes drop lipstick bombs and cars and wheels sprout leaves and flowers.
As well as making large relief carved wall pieces, Jeremy still makes carved dishes, bowls, sculptural vessels, paperknives and pendants. He is always open to enquiries from people who want something made that is special and unique.