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Stunning Artwork of Nicola Colbran Freeman

Inspired by light, nature and my travels.
I paint in a variety of mediums.  Oil being my favourite, however I also work in watercolour and pastel. My subjects are varied as I constantly need a challenge and am alwyas seeking new and inspiring images to capture.  My work includes portraits inspired by many years working as an international make-up artist.  Animals and pets which have always surrounded me, and the human body.  I love plienair, sea, sky and landscape with its ever changing light.
My studio/gallery is at my home on the Kent/Sussex border in an area of outstanding natural beauty and it is here that I do much of my painting and commissions.
I was born in London, went to Rochester School of Art after leaving school, then persued a career in Fashion and after a short time proceeded to work as a freelance make-up artist.  I spent many years travelling the world and was lucky to visit many stunning places which still inspire me.
To paint is such a great joy and I always look forward to my next project.

Ann Russell's Mixed Media Artwork


There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds.
G.K. Chesterton
Ann is a mixed media artist living and working in Australia. She is passionate about creativity and loves nature. You can find out more about her on her blog at:
Ann works with odd spaces caught just outside 'real' existence, often glimpsed; intangible yet with significance, seen and simultaneously unseen.
Her works are depictions of these worlds, often based on Surreal narratives after those portrayed by Kahlo, Fini, Ernst and Tanning. She is using mixed media in a bricolage form - combining elements and symbols that retain some of their meaning from our world, juxtaposed with new meaning in the worlds she creates. Consequently, issues of contemporary life are interwoven with historical codes and autobiography to create visceral works that defy abbreviation to a single idea.
Within the possibilities of these other worlds we can investigate transcendence, sacredness, memory, time and space. The mini-worlds engage viewers by resonating with a childhood fascination with make-believe. The audience can imagine themselves as part of these worlds and explore them with Alice-like wonder.

Gary Cooper's Stunning Work

Upon considering a bronze relief, whether it will take form in a medal or plaque, I conduct a detailed search into the subject matter.  Then I will begin to discover key elements of related ideas that might deliver an effective visual allegory of contemporary meaning to the general public or other intended viewer audience.
My research sources include local educators, historians and naturalists.  Elements of the natural world have always provided me with inspiration.  I draw upon a few key and favourite symbols to make a new allegorical connection to use in my bas-relief work.
The ultimate creative objective is to result in an aesthetically engaging design that may appeal to the viewer’s mind to cause thoughtful reflection of the present, past and future.

Betty Anderson's Beautiful Work - b Gallery

A self-taught artist in oils, I first picked up a brush many years ago, but moves, children and more moves meant that my paints were deeply buried.   It was only in 2008 that I dug out my paints and set to seriously work on my art that had languished.   Not being involved in the "art scene", I had no idea how to exhibit my work but someone saw what I was doing, and set me on a course that has been rewarding and exciting.
I am a Fellow of the Royal South Australian Society of Arts, and member of the Guild of Realist Artists, as well as a number of smaller groups.   I have won a number of prizes, Highly Commended and People's Choice awards, and in 2012 was selected for the Salon des Refuses (the alternate Archibald Prize for Portraiture) and the Black Swan Prize for Portraiture.   I was selected for the Waterhouse Natural Science Prize 2013, and the City of Tea Tree Gully Nature Exhibition.
My real love is portraiture and I would love to paint your portrait!

Liz Vaughan -

Art has been a long and exciting journey for Liz. For years she painted traditional pictures beautiful landscapes of lakes and mountains etc. She taught art, held exhibitions of her own work and arranged them for other painters, her work is in collections in France and Spain and last year was approached to exhibit in New York and Greece she realised that she has become profoundly bored with painting in an 'acceptable' way that has always been an english tradition. Painting for her has to be an adventure and above all exciting.
Liz found herself inventing effects on her canvases that did not reflect what was in the 'real' world. On a whim she was extending lines on the canvas, just to see where they wanted to go, and adjusting colours so that they interacted more in a more interesting way than the light did in the outside world. And gradually her excitement reappeared - suddenly she wanted to spend all her time in her studio again, exploring this fascinating world of abstract art.
Over the past few years Liz has begun to realise that the potential for expressing feeling and movement in abstract art is unlimited. There are no boundaries - she can do whatever she wants on her canvases. Where originally she felt constrained to produce recognisable images of the world outside, now she is free to allow the work to draw her along, not guiding it but simply letting her work pull me along, suggesting new approaches, different combinations of light, colour and movement that form their own internally consistent patterns and relationships.
Liz's work is just entering a whole new kaleidoscopic transitional world, one that she wants to make her own and to share with others. This exhibition is just a short snapshot of her own one-way journey - she has no idea where it will take her, but she knows that it's already the greatest journey of her life.

Maggie Tweed at bGallery


Caroline Ian -

I live in Cambridge with my husband and two grown up sons. I studied graphic design and photography and later completed a diploma in journalism. However, painting has always been part of my life and now I write and paint full time in my studio, a little 100-year old summerhouse at the bottom of our garden.  
My favourite medium is oil as it allows for manipulation and change. This medium compliments perfectly what I try to achieve when I use glazes and texture.
My work is a synthesis of my own personal feelings; inspired by the random, yet harmonious chemistry of nature. It is my visual memory of the world around us. I start a new painting with an emotion, which provides me with a vivid sense of direction.
I often become engrossed and lose all track of time during the build-up of my skies and find the process extremely therapeutic. In 2013 I launched a dynamic collection of vivid landscapes focusing on trees! They evolve and change seasons during the process! I will continue to develop this collection along with a new series of large abstract painting in 2014.

Emily Autumn Goddard - b Gallery

Emily trained as an illustrator at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design. She has developed her own inimitable style of acrylic painting resulting in vibrant detailed paintings sometimes with a quirky outlook. For a break from painting Emily enjoys the graphic style of pen and ink, producing images called 'Tangles' and 'Meanders'.
To see more art work or buy prints please visit her web sites.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Zoë at bGallery

Although based in Sydney, rising star Zoë Durand (nee Zoë Paterson) is represented in New York by Agora Gallery and also in Italy by the Vivid Arts Network.

Her paintings form part of private and also corporate collections throughout Australia and overseas and she has exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne and New York.
New York Art magazine, ARTisSpectrum says that Zoë's "paintings contain a freshness and immediacy not often seen in the fine art world, as well as a vibrant life force that erupts from the canvas." (Vol 29, p 106). Her work has been covered in various art publications (both magazines and books) and fashion media throughout the United States, South America and Europe, Asia and Australia.
In 2013 Zoë was selected by Malaysian designers Sereni & Shentel for their annual "Artist Series" which involved 5 of her paintings being reproduced on textiles to form the basis of an exclusive capsule collection of headbands. The collaboration received significant media attention and was featured in several Malaysian magazines.
Zoë is guided towards expression through spontaneity, observation and reflection. Images for paintings and words for poems find her during the night and upon waking she feels compelled to give these life. Her poems are not at the time of writing, intended to marry particular paintings, though later she sees a strong echo between them.
In Zoë Paterson’s “Eden” series of paintings and poems, nature is symbolic of one’s inner landscape. Allegorical figures and shadowy woodland creatures move through luxurious canopies of colour, interwoven with sinuous foliage bristling with unspoken temptation, startling revelations and shy desires. Daring, enticing, beckoning – these figures invite us into their mystical, enchanted ways. Zoë’s prayer to know beauty is palpable in both her paintings and her poetry: “Under this veil of time / I would marry the universe / to know the secret truth / of its every beautiful molecule.”
contact Zoë
+61 435 595 400 

Andrea Helen Carter at bGallery

 andrea 4
Standing before her easel with brush in hand, Andrea conveys to canvas her innermost joys, fears, thoughts and feelings. 
Andrea was born in Yorkshire, England on the 10th of July 1941 –
a ‘War Baby’.
She began painting in 2001, whilst living in Riga, Latvia, at their National Academy of Art. Her tutor was Professor Aleksjes Naumovs. In 2003 she moved to Bermuda where she continued her studies at the Fine Arts Department of Bermuda College.
Andrea doesn’t have a ‘niche’ style of painting. Her subjects vary depending on where the inspiration takes her; from a flower or a bird, to a clown; from macabre to a serene landscape or a stormy sea.
She paints, mainly, in oils, often textured. she might also use Acrylics, Egg Tempera, Air-Brush and Pastels, reaching out to capture the effect she is after.
Solo & Participated Exhibitions:
Globuss Gallery, Riga, Latvia
Grand Palace Hotel Gallery, Riga, Latvia
Bermuda Society of Art, Hamilton, Bermuda
Bermuda Art Centre, Dockyard, Bermuda
Masterworks Galleries, Botanical Gardens, Bermuda
Kafu Gallery, Hamilton, Bermuda
Mall Gallery, London, England
Butterworths Gallery, Bedfordshire, England
Leighton Middle School, Leighton Buzzard, England
Marston Vale Gallery Bedfordshire, England
LB Theatre Gallery Bedfordshire, England
Obsidian Art, Old Risborough, Bucks, England
Letchworth Gallery, Herts. England
andrea 7