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Victoria Constable

Victoria Constable

Patience Beaumont at

I trained at the London College of Furniture and did a BTEC at Ipswich College of Art.  I now specialise in hand dyeing and printing, batik and devore.  I like using natural dyes when possible and I offer courses in natural dyeing.  Saffron and indigo are particularly good dyes to use and I love to experiment with colour.  Some of my work is based on sketches I make when I go to Spain but I also use images of the countryside and wildlife around my home.  Sometimes I incorporate photographs. 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Clare Lloyd - b gallery

Colour Design Jewellery by Clare Lloyd
Clare is a jewellery designer-maker working with a range of materials from precious metals through to polymer clays, resins, recycled plastic, glass, semi precious stones and vintage beads abd buttons.
Clare loves colour.  Colour is her inspiration and her obsession.  Using polymer clays (and occasionally resin clays) she blends and mix primary colours like paint to create as many different shades and tones as she can and then hand roll each bead.  She can never seem to recreate the same colour twice so each piece she makes is unique.  Polymer clay is a very versatile material and a lot of fun to work with.  It is light and comfortable to wear, it's also pretty tough and easy to look after.
Clare also loves working with precious metals and makes jewellery using traditional silver smithing techniques.  She is fascinated by texture and the different effects that can be achieved by hammering so a lot of her work in metal is a result of experiments with hammering techniques, reticulation and use of the rolling mill.  She sometimes use copper and gold in her designs and add a splash of colour with beads.  
Clare welcomes commissions and would love to hear from you if you have any designs in mind. 
You can follow her on Pintrest and Twitter and through her website for more information and new designs.

Monday, 17 February 2014

View Pius Mabula's work at bGallery

My name is Pius I'm a Tanzanian artist who do different kind of art, Painting, Drawing, Craft, Sculpture etc, my studio based in Dar es salaam, since when I was a child I used to drawing a different images just for funny but now Art is me, Art is my life, I painting different African artwork with different style, like Tingatinga art, Lilanga art, Abstrack etc

Sarah Hodgkins - 'Charlotte Designs' Art Work helps Care Home

Social Hub for Care Home

When I first arrived at this dementia unit, the walls were all magnolia and there were comfy sofas all around, yet was only used regularly by a handful of residents. The team leader however, had a vision. She wanted it to look like a park, an inviting outdoor area that would be the hub of the floor and provide the residents with a stimulating area that they would enjoy being in. The tile flooring was replaced with 'road' and grass areas, the sofas with park benches and I was tasked with turning the walls into parkland, gardens and flower beds. "Your art work is brill and has brightened up the living space for our residents. And made the ideas that were in my head become real. The residents love it , the staff love it and our visitors love it what more could we ask for !!" says Team Leader Nicola Johnson. There is even a lake, a playground and a birdbath with birds. The whole thing is finished off with trees and lamp posts, bringing the outside in! Now the area is a buzzing place with the staff noticing a significant increase in sociability and a reduction in aggression. Put simply, it is now an interesting and pleasant place to sit.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Marian S Adcock -

Marian S Adcock is primarily a botanical artist, but is also a skilled animal portraitist and landscape artist. Her medium is wax and oil-based colored pencil on premium archival quality vellum surface artists' paper.
Marian derives inspiration for her botanical artwork by carefully observing the numerous brightly colored flowers amongst the plantain lilies (Hosta genus) in the gardens surrounding her Stonebridge Gardens Art Studio in Saint Paul, MN. She also visits gardens throughout the Upper Midwest for inspiration. Marian's artwork continues the ancient traditions botanical artists have used over the centuries to depict plant life. She continues the tradition of combining artistic sensitivity with scientific accuracy when she paints plants' vibrant colors, and intricate, fleeting and fragile structures. Her artwork also follows the traditions of presenting botanical artwork on either a white background or in situ.

Herts Visual Arts 201

For more information, click on link below .....

Thursday, 6 February 2014

bGallery Welcomes Irena Orlov & her beautiful work

Irena Orlov, innovative, contemporary fine artist, architect, designer, illustrator, photographer is known for creating captivating works which are full of energy.
Extraordinary versatile in her mediums, Irena could never imagine life without art. She is an artist whose path in the fine arts has led her to a unique expression of mood and color. The combination of antique and a very clean, crisp modern design sense creates a highly prized, individual art style. Her images begin spontaneously and give expression to personal creativity and insight. Each piece is unique in design. Irena often prefers to think of herself as a craftsman, constructing, or interpreting imagery and messages from her conscious and subconscious mind.


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

This exhibition of 100 images and video, including winning and commended entries launched at the Mall Galleries and will be at Stockwood Discovery Centre. Luton LU1 4LX between 18 Jan-18 Mar 2014

Dormouse by Danny Green
'Dormouse' by Danny Green
Fox by Samuel Morris
'Fox' by Samuel Morris
Urna Wildlife Winner. Fallow deer by Jamie Hall
'Fallow Deer on Housing Estate' by Jamie Hall
Winner portraits - Tompot Blenny by Mark Thomas
'Tommy' by Mark Thomas
Overall winner Dolphin by George Karbus
'In the Living Room' by George Karbus
This exhibition of 100 images and video, including winning and commended entries launched at the Mall Galleries and will be at Stockwood Discovery Centre. Luton LU1 4LX between 18 Jan-18 Mar 2014 as part of its year-long tour.  Open: Mon-Fri 10.00-4.00 / Sat-Sun 11.00-4.00. 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Jeanni's News

NEW three part ‘Art Ultimate Foundation Class’ starting at The Blue Bar, Porthtowan on the 11th, 25th February and the 11th March from 1.30-4.30
Existing students who have finished the foundation course are welcome to the Blue Bar Extension Classes which will be the same dates as above but from 9.30-12.30
If you or a friend would like to attend either please give me a call
I am also giving Foundation art classes at The Rock pool Café, Mousehole  on Sundays by appointment
and in Truro on Monday evenings for extension classes 18.30-21.30
If you would like private classes or lessons in a group of your own making, then please contact me to work out a date and time
I have recently been privileged to do public speaking for Redruth Leading Women, Newquay Arts Society and Foster Carers in Penance and am always happy to speak for local groups
I am also lucky to have an ART SHOW at Treliske Hospital, along the Trelawney Wing by the main entrance if you are interested.
 Please contact me if you would like to book on a course and to confirm your attendance so I know how much equipment to bring

Thank you jeanni
Inspiring Team Development, Art Lessons, Original Art Works, Prints & Cards

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