Saturday, 19 December 2015

The Unique Artwork of Albertus Joseph at bGallery

This art thing is something and somewhere between a curse and gift... Between a need and lifestyle. I don't think anyone wakes up in the morning and says to themselves, " I'm gonna be an artist!".... I know that subconsciously it happens there. I can't put into words the drive and draw it has on me. I can't really explain why I do it so much and push myself at times to do more of it at the strangest times. Everything I do "it" is taken into consideration. Vacations.... I think to myself... "I'll be away from "it" for "X" amount of days... I come home and look at the time and figure out how many hours I can get in... My days and weeks are numbered and planned. It's not just the product but it's the process... The smell of the paint ... The gessoing of the canvas. The making of the stretchers... The sizes... The composition... The subject... The extras... The photography... Everything!!! I live for that ... And it lives through me... I can't distance myself from it and "it" is my first love. It's me and yet it's more... It connects me to the collective... It connects me to God.  

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