Friday, 16 May 2014

Oxfordshire Arts Week 2014 - Rachel Ducker's Wire Sculpture

Oxfordshire Art Weeks 2014

Rachel Ducker wire sculptor will be exhibiting her fabulous wire sculptures and jewellery during Oxfordshire Art Weeks 2014.

You can visit Rachel and Lucien's exhibition between
12pm and 6pm on 17th -18th and 22nd - 26th May, 2014 at:
7 Shirley Place, Juxon Street, Oxford, OX2 6DN
Telephone: 07855 751756
About Rachel
Originally trained as a jeweller, Rachel Ducker's fascination and love for working with metal led to her experiment with wire as a medium for sculpting the human form.
Accomplished in life drawing, her sculptured wire figures concentrate on the expressive and emotional dynamics of human nature.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

John Dunne's Work at bGallery

Ireland has a tradition of spiritual enquiry. It it also a land of beauty which lends itself to the painter and poet immersing  themselves in this beauty. John's career has involved him in both aspects, progressing from involvement with his surroundings of sea and mountain to that of spiritual enquiry. For the past twenty years he has worked on themes rather than singular paintings, exploring themes such as 'Love' in the series 'The Song of Songs' and 'Death' in the the series "The Dream of Gerontius" and the "The Seven Last Words of Christ".

Zoe Adams