Saturday, 19 December 2015

Frédéric Kappa at bGallery

Frédéric Kappa 

Born in 1969 in Brussels. A tumultuous adolescence, he left school at sixteen. He first worked as a cook then left for the Army in Germany. On his return, he saw odd jobs, then moved to London to live the adventure pop and rock and roll 80s where he worked in various restaurants and hotels. He returned to Brussels and resumed studies in plastic arts, and the social domain. He exercises for a long time in places as diverse as youth centres, the centre for drug addicts, or literacy centre. 
He has produced fifteen exhibitions of paintings and photographs, mainly in Brussels. 
He is also a tireless traveller, especially across Asia and the Middle East, where he sometimes stays for long periods. His work could be described as neo-impressionist? or expressionist? anyway, Kappa is one of those who think that these two currents have much to say because they probably have not been exploited to their limits.

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