Monday, 21 December 2015

Jenny Hoole at b Gallery art directory

Coming from a fashion background my passion has been enveloping form with fluid colour and pattern, flowing with the body to produce subtle drape effects... for fleeting moments.

My exploration in glass is about harnessing these moments and developing them in to new forms, colours and patterns using this exceptional material; which is proving both compelling and complex.

I love the contradictions presented by fashioning glass as a medium. It is both rigid and fragile, solid and amorphous, delicate and strong, challenging and rewarding.

The basis of my current pieces is identified by the application of pattern, through composite layers of colour, to express texture and shape in primarily functional vessels. Often, layers of tiny particles of glass are placed and then heated in the kiln, in multiple firings, to give the required strength of colour before the fused glass takes on a moulded shape in a further firing.

As the work evolves I want to explore the very different elements of contour, light and space to add a further dimension in cast glass to the portfolio

I am a member of the Contemporary Glass Society
To see more of Jenny's work and have the opportunity to purchase it direct from the artist herself ~ Please click on the link where you will be taken to Jenny's own exhibition area at b Gallery art directory ~ Thank you

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