Saturday, 19 December 2015

Pascal Barnier's Photographic Work on

Born in 1967, I started photography at 18 with my first case reflex.Mon first contact with the world of art is doing a diploma in printing. Art history and during shooting. Indeed, correctly reproduce a painting or a sculpture if you do not know the techniques which enabled them to achieve. How to adhere to the "grain" of watercolor or acrylic if you do not know the original ....... And, as the scanner is not allowed to reproduce all, the bench breeding kind of camera giant, was the tools of everyday life. Photo retouching is fesaient with a pen and a brush ......
Back to the history of art, shooting and light in a degree of projection 35 mm. I joined the world of art, finally, being responsible for the foundation of a painter, Carzou, contemporary and friend of Picasso, Buffet, Dali ....... It is merging this knowledge with other acquisse by meeting artists perform in various fields that I created my personal technique Pictorialism.
The basis of my work is shooting, then I utilise various graphic technical achieve final work.

Welcome in my universe.

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