Friday, 18 December 2015

Auriol Luckhurst's Stunning Artwork at bGallery

From childhood she recalls that she always had an interest in drawing and colouring but never had the opportunity to explore further than the occasional art class at school. Her life’s journey has taken her to different countries and through a multitude of experiences and types of employment, and later in life a return to the love of words and the English language. Auriol completed a correspondence course in writing and was taken on as a freelance journalist by her local regional newspaper editor. She expanded on this by writing short fiction and factual illustrated articles which were frequently accepted by national publications. During this time she taught herself the basics of photography with the help of the staff of her local camera shop where she had purchased the necessary 35mm camera for producing publishable pictures. Some of those pictures have more recently been the inspiration for some of her paintings. This period of her life ended when she re-married and took on two step-daughters full-time. There was no time to even think about painting until she retired.

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