Friday, 31 January 2014

What's On at the RA

What's On at the RA
Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined
25 January - 6 April 2014

Bill Woodrow RA
until 16 February 2014
Lead Series Supporter JTI
Supported by The Henry Moore Foundation
John Carter RA: Between Dimensions
Until 16 February 2014
Coming Soon

Norman Stevens ARA: Selected Prints
26 February—25 May 2014
Renaissance Impressions: Chiaroscuro woodcuts from the Collections of Georg Baselitz and the Albertina, Vienna
15 March—8 June 2014
2009-2016 Season supported by JTI
Supported by Edwards Wildman

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Events & Updates for Sally Bassett -

For those of you who didn’t know my new web site was completed in January 2013.
As a new venture I also have had some of the images from my sketch books made into two limited edition sketch books.
Round the West Country and Scilly Islands
The first book starts in Bournemouth and travels clockwise round the coast line and includes some sketches I made when I visited the Scilly Islands.
The second book travels through the seasons from Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
As a reminder for your diary I will be opening my studio in June 2014 as part of the Bucks Open Studio Weeks.
My studio will be open from Thursday 12th June until Sunday 22nd June 
11.00 a.m.- 6.00 p.m.
You would be most welcome at other times in the year but please phone first to make an appointment.
01442 851353
My latest work includes two wild seascapes inspired by the wild waves and grandeur of Kynance Cove on the Lizard in Cornwall and some paintings of apple trees coming into blossom in an old apple orchard in the Chilterns. These will be appearing on my website during 2014.

Ruth Lee's Stunning Work -

Relocating from Cumbria to Central Portugal in April 2013, Ruth is currently exploring new directions in her art textile practice combining traditional making processes in printmaking and textile construction techniques with digital technologies. 
Having worked with contemporary textile construction techniques from the late 1970’s Ruth has returned to her roots in print and is currently exploring ways of bringing a handmade feel to digitally generated artwork, making her own mark, whether at the initial design stages or in the making and finishing of bespoke and unique artefacts.A product of her individual creativity, this new body of work embraces modern technologies to enhance traditional working practice.

With this new approach Ruth is aiming to create art textiles and related artefacts to suit individual clients needs either at the prototype stage or as original, one of a kind piece hand produced by the artist.
The set of 12 acrylic laser cut/printed tiles currently on display in the Ruth's gallery are prototypes which Ruth would like to develop further for upscale interior design applications in conjunction with a client who has the appropriate vision and manufacturing capabilities.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Dave Evans Work on show at

I was born in Nottingham at the customary early age and currently live in Devon. In between I've acquired a BA(hons) in Fine Art (the image on the left is of me from my degree show, I won't tell you how long ago that was!) and an MA in the History of Modern Art and Design. I've been a film-maker, an illustrator, model-maker, festival organiser, community radio reporter, clerical assistant and a civil servant. Now I'm back to being a full time artist. 

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Mike Bell -

After a 30 year career teaching and lecturing about Art and Design, Mike Bell took an early retirement in order to concentrate on his painting. Mike’s art is inspired by 30 years of living and working on the Northumberland coast of England and now, most recently in the Wilds of Redesdale near the border of Scotland. Mike has always been fascinated by the patterns of sand on the beach. Random piles of seaweed or driftwood, in Mike’s mind, is order and chaos together and soon becomes an inspiration for his next landscape painting.
“The images that he creates uses a wide variety of materials such as sand, soil, coal dust, and driftwood are often embedded in the paint surfaces.” Mike goes on further and states “I want my paintings to be as natural as possible and rarely do I use a brush but I will use a finger, a knife, a trowel, sand ,plaster, spray paints and lots of builders materials to create impasto paint surfaces.”
Mike has experimented with Holographic Foils in his paintings in order to simulate the wonderful lighting of Northumberland area. Since moving to Redesdale he has been inspired and has become aware of the interaction of man and nature, in the Otterburn Army Range’s military roads, bunkers and old tanks, contrasted with wild crags, quarries, moorland and forest to create a wonderful tapestry at different times of year. 

bgallery artists

Reminder to bgallery artists: copy and paste your gallery url to your website and other networking sites to maximise exposure

Friday, 17 January 2014

Update of Sirenes work .....

I want to give you an update of the great development Sirenes has gone through since her first exhibition at a small gallery in Oslo, Norway in august 2011. Sirenes experienced her international breakthrough as an artist in 2013 with exhibitions in Italy, Spain, Canada, United States and in Norway. Sirenes was included in several great art books and magazines and recieved several art awards. In July the whole family travelled to New York to be present at her first exhibition at Agora Gallery - it was an unforgettable moment in life.
Sirenes is both humble and grateful after recieving a wonderful art review of her artwork related to the exhibition in New York, by Wilson Wong:  
"A Sublime Colorist Enamored of Light"

Wilson Wong writes: "Sirenes conveys an even more elusive subject by virtue of her mastery of chromatic dynamics as vibrant and yet gentle as the music of Ravel" and "an atmospheric miasma conjured with a finesse that calls to mind the 19th century British painter J.M.V Turner". 

He continues with: "Sirenes appears to combine a gestural lyricism that can be compared favorably to the early Abstract Expressionist works of Philip Guston with a chromatic complexity that would do the Color Field master Jules Olitski proud. Her ability to combine these elements so successfully suggests that one might think of her as an “Abstract Impressionist”." 

Wilson ends his review with: "it is the underlying abstract armature of formal balance informing her compositions that invariably enhances and empowers all of Sirenes’ paintings."
Sirenes is now represented by galleries in Italia and United States, and she is already participating in the first exhibition in 2014 "Expo Bologna - started Jan  4th, the next scheduled exhibitions are in Florence in February and in Rome during Easter, and there is more to come. 
You can follow Sirenes art life on facebook!/SirensMalerier and her artwork is available at her online art gallery -

IMPORTANT NOTICE from Julie Boyle (b Gallery Owner)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: bgallery wish to advise they are NOT a part of or in association with any other online Artists directory. It has come to our attention via our artists that bgallery site has been copied and are giving misleading information to our buyers and artists who are NOT happy. Whilst it is flattering to be copied it is not good practice but also I wonder if they realise it is illegal to send e-mails to artists who have not requested any information, especially bgallery artists and somehow even my partner got one!! now that is strange as he is a plumber!! I am pursuing this and will update you all asap.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

b Gallery Important Statement.

I have been alerted by bgallery members that they have received promotional emails from artistsinfo direct to their inbox. I have read with surprise an ‘interview’ and can confirm that there are a lot of untruths and make believe in it, and a lot of ‘borrowed’ statements too! I think it is appalling and shows the shallowness and lack of common decency from this new art directory who has used bgallery and its very good name along with its artists in an unsubstantial marketing campaign. The interview is terribly flawed throughout and comes across as quite ridiculous, however it is now in the hands of my legal team as I do not believe this kind of practice should be tolerated..

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Monte Wright -

Painter and artiste extraordinaire, Monte herein establishes himself once again as an artistic force to be reckoned with. The artist’s work has changed greatly over the years, and is seldom simple. He courageously goes beyond the given and familiar, pioneering new techniques and materials in order to expand his own vision.
A master of colour, Monte is equally adept in his use of pure white in his paintings. The artist’s intent is to block out the outside world in order to give the viewer space in which to roam freely. Monte teaches us that a painting should not end on the canvas. It should encourage viewers to create worlds of their own. And, with each and every brushstroke Monte’s work allows us to do just that.

Monte continues to show his work both nationally and internationally. His interests continue to vary in scope, from contemporary, abstract art to a series of works called ‘Behind the Mask”

Ian Morgan at b Gallery


Sunday, 5 January 2014

Emerging Artists Opportunities at Mall Galleries

The FBA offers a range of valuable professional development opportunities for emerging young artists.  Learn more about our various annual bursaries and awards here.

We also have a number of prizes available for artists of all ages.  Please see individual societies' Call for Entries pages for details.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Sirenes Upcoming Exhibitions

Sirenes is presented in Miami this weekend by ArtTour International ,
Sirenes will participate in Best of the International Arts 2013 Catalog, which will be published as a special section in the Art Basel Miami - Red Dot Fair special issue of the Arttour International Magazine. a video presentation "Best of the International Arts 2013" will be included at the ATIM WEB TV Channel and will be presented for continuous exhibit during Art Basel week at the Arttour International Magazine Booth D111 at the Red Dot Fair via Big Screen.
Sirenes will also exhibit at:
You can also find more information on Sirenes exhibitions on Sirenes Fine Art Gallery :