Thursday, 25 February 2016

Lynne Harris and her stunning artwork at bGallery

I live and work in Northamptonshire as a freelance artist. I particularly enjoy painting landscapes and seascapes, in fact any scene including water. I also paint pet portraits. I paint in acrylics on canvas using photographs as a reference, and I am drawn to creating paintings which include cheerful colours, reflections and contrast.
Please get in touch if you would like more information, or would like to commission a painting.

Ann Brooks Textiles at bGallery

Ann became interested in weaving many years ago when living in northern Sweden – lots of her friends had family looms and this is where her interest in textiles was stirred. On returning home she attended the local weaving classes.
Later, when the children had grown up she attended basket weaving and chair seating classes completing the city and guilds certificate at Missenden abbey. Towards the end of the 1990s she returned to loom weaving.
Designs for her work are heavily influenced by many things including her basket making background, walking through the Chiltern countryside with her two dogs and regular visits to the Victoria & Albert Museum.
Ann generally weaves silk scarves and wraps/shawls though her work does include place mats in paper, linen and willow.
Ann uses mainly silk but often incorporate fine merino wool, high twist silk and high twist wool, linen and cashmere.
During the past few years She has exhibited and sold at galleries and other venues in various parts of the country.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Leigh Kemp's New Artwork at bGallery

Kevin Edwards -

My interest is representational painting. The main subject of my painting is landscape. I interpret the light in the landscape with a heightened level of colour harmony. The colours are carefully saturated to emphasis the warm and cool light.
I use the paint to create an equivalent for any detail. The emphasis is to paint with the paint and create light with colour.
I've painted many commissions, from specific requests for a particular house or view to general requests to paint a particular season or time of day.
The most frequent size for my paintings is 16 x 20 inches which usually takes approximately 30 hours to complete. I use artists quality oil paint from Windsor and Newton, Michael Harding and Rembrandt. Framing is done by Frame House


Suki Kyme's Passionate Artwork ...

I am passionate about colour and texture, trees and water, so any or all of these can be found in my art work.
I have not settled for any one particular style, which varies from figurative, through semi-abstract, to abstract. Nor do I use only one medium. Having started with watercolour/gouache, I found I needed more variety, so I moved onto acrylics and from there it was a short distance to mixed media, which continually absorbs and challenges me.
The starting point is an idea that excites or interests me and the work develops organically from there, with adjustments made to my original idea in response to what is happening on the paper or canvas.
The place I paint in is my playroom, not my studio! This fact also colours all I do in it and probably shows often in the finished results.
I exhibit my work locally and am a member of several local societies and groups.

Ruta Brown's Beautiful designer Jewellery at bGallery

Ruta makes individually fabricated heat-textured jewellery by directly manipulating precious metals using hand tools and heat.
Forged, folded, sterling silver forms are torch reticulated in exploration of the structural possibilities of the metal. Internal changes produce surface movement, finished pieces are sometimes combined with high carat golds to emphasize contrast and texture.

Introducing Emma Childs and her Exceptional Artwork at bGallery

Emma Child's is a professional artist with 20 years experience.  Based in Devon she runs her own successful art business and is currently in the process of writing and illustrating a children's fairy story book.
Emma exhibits her work on a regular basis both nationally and internationally. Some of her artwork was chosen to be exhibited in Art Monaco 2015 in Monte Carlo next July through the Mona Youssef Gallery  which she is thoroughly looking forward to attending.

Niji Arts Magazine recently interviewed Emma and included a feature on her artwork in their magazine.

Future exhibitions include London's brick lane Culthouse Gallery in the summer of 2015, Exeter Arts festival 2015, Exeter Royal Clarence Hotel November 2014, Gandy Street Lodge November 2014 and many more to follow
Preferring bold colours and fine detail she draws most of her inspiration from childhood memories, unusual people and places with nature being the biggest source of inspiration.
Experienced in using a range of mixed media, Emma favours watercolour and pen and ink although very much enjoying the wonderful bright effects that pure acrylics can create when used in her bold abstract. She is also an accomplished airbrush artist.

Alexander Kazakov at bGallery

For each person recognition of the world - the miscellaneous and considerably differs from others. For me each photo is the moment from life. They are like a breath. Who can tell, what one breath is more important than another? I photograph when I have time. Nobody gives to me of tasks and cannot tell:« Go and shoot ». I photograph, when I feel ready. If I cannot concentrate, I will not photograph, even such thought will not come to me mind. I cannot tell that I notice all around, but I try... And, sometimes my photos even precisely correspond to my expectations. Though happens that the good photo turns out casually. Actually I trust in a happy occurence: there can be an interesting detail in a picture which I have not noticed, or even has noticed, but has not attached importance.


Award Winning Artist Nick Harrison Jones

My work is produced from life, on-site ( en plein air ) from rural and urban scenes. I admire the Arts & Crafts ideal of 'Truth to Materials', yet am interested in interpreting the modern landscape. Line and colour drawings and notes are recorded in my numerous 'painting sketchbooks'.
      My inspiration began with Anwar Jalal Shemza (my art teacher) and a love of a variety of artists such as Turner, John Piper, graphic designers such as Paul Rand and the Illustrator, Paul Hogarth.
       I aim to capture the atmosphere of time and the influence of the moment on a place. Architectural detail is important, yet, the spirit and energy of the creative process is just as important.  When I look at other artists' work I am always attracted to the process rather than just the 'finished' painting. In my work, I am conscious of the fact that every image is evolving yet is somehow connected, this is important. 
      I have won several painting prizes in Hertfordshire. Hertford Art Society awarded Best Painting, John Goss Award and Best Watercolour. I have sold work to public bodies such as The National Trust and have work in private collections.

Ralph Taylor's Stunning Artwork at bGallery

Ralph has never been to art-school and has not received professional training. His work is organic and comes from his heart. He has a unique and insightful appreciation of his locale. He has a real love for the beautiful colours of the Scottish landscape. All this makes his work feel familiar yet stirring to the viewer.
Ralph hopes that his work will remain interesting to the viewer for years to come, revealing new aspects and invoking fresh senses each day. Above all, he aims to bring joy to the observer of his paintings. He invites you to continue to visit this site from time to time, and perhaps purchase a work or two. As one regular visitor to his own website has said:
“ never know when you might find something for that other bare wall...” Although Ralph is a Scottish artist he paints and delivers artwork for clients throughout the UK having painted for people in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales. He has also sold a number of paintings in the United States of America. In fact he is happy to deliver anywhere France, Germany, Holland and Further.

Robert Jackson's Unique Artwork

Robert is a Luton-based artist/printmaker working mainly with lino cut techniques.  The subjects he has drawn to are abandoned buildings with a haunting character and architechural stonework.
Robert studied Foundation at Falmouth College of Arts, and Product Design at The University of Luton.  Robert has since worked in the manufacturing sector as a CAD draughtsman and sheet metal worker.
Printmaking is a media that combines industrial principals with image-making and provides endless opportunities to experiment.  Most of my prints are from carved lino blocks, using a reduction method that allows the layering of different colours by removing more lino between ink applications.  This technique (sometimes called the 'suicide method') makes the edition limited to the initial batch as the first layers have been cut away.  All prints are small batch limited edition.
This year he is using etching techniques when cutting the lino, and have brought block printing principals to metal plate etching.  This quite unique development he calls 'relief etching'.

St Michael's Mount by jeanni

 Available for sale in The National Trust Shop Penzance, 'The Original Artshop', and through my website.
Inspiring Team Development, Art Lessons, Original Art Works, Prints & Cards
07818 838 524
twitter @jeanni_art

Artist Romy Rey at bGallery

As a painter, Romy is fascinated by our perception ot reality. Some of her paintings are a re-interpretation of landscapes visited during my travels, others render familiar elements in variable scales and combinations or portray images of ancient or tribal objects in imaginary settings. Romy's work reflects her fascination for ethnic cultures and tribal motifs which informs her paintings to a certain degree.  

Doreen Meek's Artwork at b Gallery

Doreen has always drawn and painted. Colour and texture are her main passions and she is attracted to scenery and objects which lend themselves to being painted in bright colours.
Doreen is inspired by beautiful places she visits and often create a piece working from memory and feelings.
She has also been inspired to paint from reading novels such as the opening passage of the ‘shadow of the land’ evoking strong and vivid images in her hand which she feels compelled to paint!
Doreen's work is varied. She paints in oils, watercolour and mixed media. She enjoys experimenting with different styles and materials reflecting the world around her, the changing seasons, places of interest and emotions.

Jacqueline Hammond's Artwork on Deckchairs ....

Art Print Deckchairs RRP £95 - £100

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Jenny Reynish joins bGallery with her unique artwork

Gardens of Delight
Rain Forest 2

I am an artist and illustrator living and working in East Sussex. My work is largely inspired by travel and nature, the sea and memories of things seen and experienced. I love the vibrant colour and detail of indian and North African buildings, landscape and artefacts, and often work from my sketchbook drawings created on the spot.
I work as an illustrator mainly in the field of children's publishing, and have recently been discovering printmaking and the pleasure of unexpected results.

Seonaid Clarke's Impressive Paintings

Award winning self-taught artist, Seonaid Clarke, lives and works in Stornoway. In recent years she has gained increasing recognition for her realistic and sensitive portraiture whilst also forging a name for herself as an up and coming contemporary artist with original Harris Tweed creations artwork –painted directly onto the tweed. 

Donna Cheshire at bGallery with her Textile Work

A textile artist based in the North East of England. I use fabric, fibres, dyes & thread to capture the places and spaces I love. 

Artist Dawn Rodger at bGallery

I became interested in art at an early age. It was the thing I was known to be good at while at school; it made it okay to be shy, quiet and not so confident about sport or my scholastic abilities. Drawing and painting were and still are a source of comfort and satisfaction. Several years ago, I fell ill suddenly with encephalitis (an inflammation in the brain) ending up in intensive care unable to breathe for myself and with little coordination. Since then, I have relearned how to breathe, talk, eat, write etc and rejoined work and family life. Throughout all this, my painting has provided rehabilitation and an outlet for my frustrations. I become lost in a world of colour and texture and let the frustration and compromises of everyday life melt away.
I usually work in oils. I love the smell of linseed oil, the way the paint feels as it smears and the vibrant effects on the colours that glazing can produce. I always use high quality paints mainly Michael Harding or Old Holland and usually assemble and prime the canvases myself to ensure that the pictures will be a good long term investment for people. I also protect the pictures with a layer of retouching varnish to keep the colours vivid and rich.

Christine Dodd's A Weekly Art Journey Session

Artist Christine Dodd has always used art to process emotions and explore the inner landscape of thoughts and feelings. Now you too can learn the tools to access your creativity in new and exciting ways.

Pots Of Positivity - an ongoing weekly session using papier mache, the invitation is to create pots/vessels with words/poetry, images and positive messages personal to you. £15 per session. 10.30am-12.30pm Thursday.

Have a look at Christine's website for more details and other sessions available - 

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Gillian Holding's Poignant Artwork at bGallery

Gillian Holding’s work reflects everyday encounters with the mundane and the familiar. It’s an oddly futile attempt to pinpoint moments of the everyday and unremarkable (what happens when nothing happens): futile, because the act of noticing and recording the everyday paradoxically renders it extraordinary and often absurd. Her methodology mainly involves wandering and recording urban ‘edgelands” and nameless bits of nowhere in suburbs and suburbia both locally and far further afield.
This response to the everyday is profoundly informed by identity and place: how the psychological and geographical space where we find ourselves affects our notions, perceptions and assumptions about things. Sudden feelings of dissonance are generated when the familiar suddenly seems unfamiliar despite its daily ordinariness.
She often mixes painting and collage; partly it allows for a constant changing of visual vocabulary to express a perpetual shifting response to any given subject. But partly too it's an art form with disparate elements, and so defies society’s obsession with categorising the world, identity and place of the individual.
Gillian Holding was born in Chester, UK, and is based variously in Leeds, London and Paris. She maintains a studio with, and is a trustee of, East Street Arts, Leeds.
#adailyselfreflection blog

on Twitter @gillianholding and Facebook as Gillian Holding Visual Artist

07952 240291