Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Graeme Warren at www.bgallery.co.uk

I have always drawn and painted from childhood, being inspired by my father who painted some very good Renoirs, Degas & Monet and other French impressionists. He taught and encouraged me to draw from an early age and the passion for art has remained with me. Having realised that my work was not good enough to make a career in, I embarked in and have had over 30 successful years in the property world.
My interest in art was rekindled and inspired by my children who both draw and paint very well and who I hope I have inspired at least one of them to make the focus of their careers and life plan.
I wanted somewhere I could display my " weekend pictures" in one place and this website seems a very good medium . I am not expecting anything more than to be able to display my viewpoint of how I see the world and hope that some people enjoy the pictures I have created. These pictures were created over the past 35 years to some earlier this year.
I am hoping to devote more of my time to painting and to improve my technique and style. I hope you like them and would love to receive any feedback.

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