Monday, 31 August 2015

x Welcoming William Buchanan to bGallery

My art is inspired by nature and man's relationship with nature. 

x Ted Barr's Unique Artwork at bGallery

Painting the celestial sky brings to mind questions of the origins of life. Thoughts of conception, pregnancy and birth evoke similar wonderment of the initial moments of life. At the moment of human conception is the convergence of sperm and ovum. In the celestial realm the “big bang” is a similar unexplained fraction of infinitesimal time that represents infinite energy in a singular space area, the elements of which are beyond human perception. Human beings are designed to grasp reality on a very limited scale. We are limited by what our sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch can perceive. The micro cosmos is far too small and the galactic worlds are far too vast for our perception but a notion arises, a strange and enigmatic notion, there is a strong similarity and connection between those worlds.

Maryam Arif:  University of Michigan, Ann ArborThe law qa...

Maryam Arif: 

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The law qa...

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor The law qaud reminded me of Hogwarts, I wouldnt have been surprized if i saw a few students flyin...

Saturday, 29 August 2015

X FILA's work at bGallery

I was born in 1942 and I live in Nice, France. I have many interests; Music, Astrology, Bourse, Army Aircrafts, Navy Boats, U-Boats, Formula One. 
I am a trained Construction Engineer.

For fifteen years I studied painting and five years,  photography and  comics

I enjoy American Painting and comics.

x bGallery welcomes Tim Woodcock-Jones

Tim Woodcock-Jones -

Tim Woodcock-Jones was born in London in 1961, studied at Watford School of Art 1977-1982. A full time artist and designer. Paints mainly landscapes and seascapes in oil, describes his style as stylised realism. Recently exhibited at the RA Summer Exhibition and Royal society of British Artists.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

x bGallery Artist Jacqueline Hammond was featured in The Guardian’s Style magazine on Saturday 2nd May.

The Guardian featured Country Lane Deckchair by Jacqueline Hammond at the weekend

By artbyjaxx on 06 May 2015 07:58 am
“Always look on the bright side” – I’ve had my Country Lane Deckchair featured in The Guardian at the weekend. 
Available from as well as in and Amazon, among other potential outlets!! 
Country Lane Deckchair was featured in The Guardian’s Style magazine on Saturday 2nd May.

“With just a few key pieces, bring instant colour to your home or garden”

 Country Lane Deckchair £100

Thursday, 20 August 2015

x Rosemary Metz's Ceramic Work

Rosemary has practised as a ceramic sculptor since graduating from the post graduate ceramics program of 1992/3 at Goldsmiths' College, University of London, UK. In 1998 she received her M.A. in Art and Design before moving back to Canada. She taught Ceramics at the Dept. of Art Education, University of Victoria, BC . In 2008, Rosemary moved to Nova Scotia where she continues her ceramics practice and designing experimental workshops in the subject.
Her ceramic sculpture has been represented at the Avenue Gallery, Victoria, BC to Swoons Fine Art in Halifax NS. She is a member of the Southern Ceramics Group  in the UK , and has  exhibited her  sculpture with the Group at Chichester Cathedral, Bishop's Kitchen venue in 2012.
In Nova Scotia, Rosemary is a juried member of the Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council and exhibits her ceramics at the yearly Cunard arts event.
She does take commissions and recently completed a private commission for a Halifax client- the sculpture " The Guitarist" prompted the client to write;
" every time I walk past your creation, I see something new that further expands my appreciation of your gift..."
In a recent solo show at Swoon Fine Art, Rosemary's "Murmurs of Granite" was described by the owner of the gallery as the "best selling" show since the gallery opened. In the review of the show, art critic for the Chronicle Herald described Rosemary's works as:
"Rock art both mythic and modern, enigmatic, taking the viewer back in time to Classical sculptures, Greek Myth and the formation of rock itself."
Rosemary will shortly be exhibiting at a group exhibiton, in 2013,  at the Mary Black Gallery in "Change Ahead"  this show will involve issues around the changing nature of art in the face of various agents of change.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

x Diana Bernice Tackley Exhibits at bGallery


Award winning artist, designer  & broadcaster,
I am so very fortunate to have a studio which is beautifully located overlooking the Trent and Mersey Canal in Barnton, Cheshire. Local surroundings influence much of my work and I really enjoy painting inland waterway scenes although many other subjects in different media also appeal.  I am particularly inspired  by the effect of light on a subject, night or day. I  have been delighted with the response to  my large acrylic canvases depicting dramatically illuminated night time industrial scenes of the chemical works around Northwich. My painting, ‘Nightshift’, was selected from 3000 applicants for the  BBC2 Show Me The Monet 2012 series and I was one of the final 36 winners who exhibited in the Mall Galleries, London, in the Show Me The Monet Exhibition. I have since exhibited in the Congingsby Gallery,  London, with the After the Monet group.
I was previously a freelance designer of wallpapers and furnishing fabrics, exhibiting in London, Paris, Lille, Frankfurt, New York, Seoul and Tokyo. Various techniques  have carried through to my waterway and abstract paintings and I owe much of my versatility and variety of subject matter to my design background.
My enthusiasm and knowledge of local inland waterways led to my greatest challenge to date when I was commissioned to paint the massive 30' x 8' exterior mural which is now on permanent exhibition at the Anderton Boat Lift, Northwich.
Many of my paintings are in private collections in U.S.A. Canada, New Zealand and UK including The Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire, David Briggs MBE and I was honoured with a commission for a painting which was presented to H.R.H. The Duke of Kent at the reopening of Castle Park, Frodsham. 

HVAF Exhibitions & Events July - August 2015

Sunday, 16 August 2015

x Betty Anderson's Beautiful Work - b Gallery

A self-taught artist in oils, I first picked up a brush many years ago, but moves, children and more moves meant that my paints were deeply buried.   It was only in 2008 that I dug out my paints and set to seriously work on my art that had languished.   Not being involved in the "art scene", I had no idea how to exhibit my work but someone saw what I was doing, and set me on a course that has been rewarding and exciting.
I am a Fellow of the Royal South Australian Society of Arts, and member of the Guild of Realist Artists, as well as a number of smaller groups.   I have won a number of prizes, Highly Commended and People's Choice awards, and in 2012 was selected for the Salon des Refuses (the alternate Archibald Prize for Portraiture) and the Black Swan Prize for Portraiture.   I was selected for the Waterhouse Natural Science Prize 2013, and the City of Tea Tree Gully Nature Exhibition.
My real love is portraiture and I would love to paint your portrait!

Saturday, 15 August 2015

bGallery Artist & President Sandra Wall Armitage of the SBA on BBC Radio 4

 President Sandra Wall Armitage and her 3 guests, all Students or members of the SBA were invited to take part in the Gardeners Question Time programme being recorded at the Queens Gallery, Buckingham Palace. 

Friday, 14 August 2015

x Carolyn Bushell at

Carolyn was born and educated in London before relocating to Northamptonshire. The Aesthetic Movement and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood are a predominant influence with an interest in the flattening of forms, composition and cropping of the visual field.

Carolyn has just returned from an artist residency in Berlin where she is researching the Weimar Culture; a research project for 2 years which is supported by Arts Council England, incorporating the artistic movements of Die Brücke, Der Blaue Reiter, Dada and German Expressionism.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

x Glittering Shards - gifts and lots of new courses for 2015!

I hope life is treating you kindly. I do appreciate your time reading my email . I thought that I would let you know about my latest courses, as well as some exciting news about the direction of Glittering Shards. As always, if you are not in the London area, do scroll down for news that may be of interest to you.
I have developed 7 different packages of courses to suit different needs, including 8-week courses, one-day workshops, mosaic immersion days and mosaic tasters. You can see them all here, including dates for the coming year.

Online resources

If you have been to the Glittering Shards website recently, you may have noticed a new menu for online resourcesThis currently gathers all the tips, tutorials and resources from over 10 years of my blog. In the next few months, I will be adding a new range of online learning tools and downloadable resources on:
  • mosaic making (basics and advanced)
  • mosaics as a tool for mindfulness
  • art as a tool for transformation.
Soon, there will be a new, easy to access menu with book lists & links on these subject areas. Bear with me as I do all the techie and content work on this - always a bit of a challenge for non-computer buffs such as myself! (If anyone knows a good WordPress person that might help I would be grateful for the contact).

Monday, 10 August 2015

x Chris Sheldrake's Marvellous Artwork bGallery

I'm a self-taught Artist, I have spent several years developing my art work.I have consolidated and improved my style of painting over this period.
This has enabled me to say my art is easily recognised as Chris Sheldrake's pictures. This sounds very easy, it was not.
I chose five criteria to concentrate on, Skies, Structures, Water, Atmosphere, and Inspiration. I use palette knife and brush and a host of other tools to get the effect I want.
I like to write, plan and practice  my pictures as I paint them.
So I consider myself as a cityscape/townscape artist.and I use a little bit of imagination to convey to the viewer an illusion of reality. Have a look at my web site

Sunday, 9 August 2015

x Carolyn Bushell's Amazing Artwork and Future Exhibitions

2015 will see Carolyn curating an artist residency and displaying her work in a solo exhibition in Berlin during March and April.
In June 2015 her work will be seen at the Dolby gallery in a solo exhibition on her Weimar Project.

To complete 2015 Carolyn will have a 10 week solo exhibition at 78 Derngate in Northampton.

x Jacqueline Mia exhibits her work

I produce vibrant, textured, tactile pieces using unusual materials to add dimension and intrigue to my work.
Yes I do encourgae you to run your fingers over my work -  although my art looks delicate it is very robust. ( and can be cleaned) Experiencing the texture is part of the appreciation process!
I love vibrant and unusual colour combinations which make my heart sing, sounds romantic but Im sure you know what I mean. 
To me art is to brighten and enlighten, to make you catch a moment to ponder. Above all I hope my work is seen as beautiful. The dimensions and shadows of the depth and texture captures a different light from different angles around the room giving you a different vision every time.
About me?!
My name is Jacqueline Mia, I sign all my work with just 'MiA'  
I am a Graphic Designer by trade and still work freelance when commissioned. Art is my joy and where my heart is.
I work in a small studio within my home, I am surrounded by brightness and inspiring images. In my geek-corner waits my AppleMac!
I am passionate about my art being able to be appreciated by the visually impaired or blind. 
I am happy to accept commissions or re-paint one of my pieces in a different size to suit your space. Some of my pieces are large its true, these were created with business premises or hospitals in mind.
I have exhibited widely, and also loaned my work to hospitals for 'Art as Therapy' schemes.
All my work is professionally framed, if for any reason you would like the frame removed I am happy to do this for you.

To find out more about Jacqueline Mia and view her stunning work, use the links below .....

Thursday, 6 August 2015

x The Impressive Artwork of Mark Skirving

Mark Skirving is an established professional artist with a great love of the history of Western art. Mark began painting in 2003, yet in such a short space of time has become well established selling many works through galleries, exhibitions and commissions by private collectors in Great Britain, Europe, South Korea, Argentina, The USA and Canada. He has also created many large scale public murals for the Borough of Walsall and produces works in both digital photography and film.

As well as being an accomplished artist he is also a musician of international repute. Mark has been involved with Jazz & Blues music for the last 25 years and has had his own successful band for all of that time. He is the front man for King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys; he plays the baritone saxophone and sings the blues, releasing ten albums and currently working on the eleventh. Check him out at

QUALIFICATIONS       BA Fine Art Degree[ Hons] 1st Class –  MA Fine Art & Philosophy- Commendation

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

x Patricia Lomax -

I have always been a painter having come from a family of painters and makers. Nowadays I am most interested in so called abstract images and colour is my main interest but this year I have been making wild flower paintings.   I am surrounded by hedgerows full of wild flowers every spring as my spacious studio is in the depths of rural Devon so  it was almost inevitable at some point.  Visitors are always welcome at any time and  the studio houses a large collection of works on either canvas or paper, up to 200 works , and all of them available for sale.  I tend to work in series of paintings, often 20 or so pieces in the run, with a theme of style, colour or form.   These 'sets' of paintings sometimes last for several years and sometimes for only a few months.   The works themselves dictate the outcomes most of the time.
Avignon Ecole des Beaux Arts  
Wall Hall College Herts,  teaching diploma specialising in Fine Art
Falmouth College of Art and Design Diploma in Fine Art