Monday, 14 December 2015

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roses 400x300
I am 'The Accidental Artist',  61, studying art in Wales, disabled and a granny.  A complex mixture which has led to an eclectic style.
The Accidental Artist title because if my rheumatologist had not suggested I went to classes I would never have found the art class at the end of my road.  I was 55 then. Studying art, because I never did at school, and my previous education had never suggested it. Disability is part of me, but is not necessarily part of my art except in how it makes it difficult.  I have mobility problems, only one eye, and a cataract in that. An eclectic style because I am a bit like a child in a sweet shop - I love trying new things, and am happy working in print, 3D, acrylic, pastel, ink, beads, although only competent in watercolour.  Granny to 9 at the last count - I get to share my passion a lot with interested children. 
Feb 27th It is half term and I have missed most of the life drawing classes. Trying to catch up I have used my grandchildren as models, as well as trying to draw people from the tv.  Whilst doing this, I noticed a sloth in a tv advert. Now, I realise that this is what all my life drawings resemble the most. I have resolved to give up attempts to draw people and stick to animals where I am far more successful.
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