Monday, 14 December 2015

Ian Morgan's Stunning Watercolours at bGallery

I am happily retired and have discovered watercolours. i have produced a number of commissions for friends, family and, well, anyone, these include a number of pet portraits, family portraits and wedding venues.
the wedding paintings are especially successful as i paint the church or wedding venue, mount and frame the picture with a wide mount and without glass.  the friends and family sign their best wishes to the happy couple on the mount at the reception and i deliver the picture, with glass! to the happy couple. so much better than a guest book!!
i have also recently started using watercolour crystals which are fluid, vibrant, almost utterly unpredictable but produce the most colourful paintings imaginable in watercolour.
my watercolours are treasured by me and i promise the best personal attention i can give, as testified by Sandi who lives in the USA.
"OMG my mom almost cried she loved it so much!!! It is her all time favorite picture and I think now it is also her all time favorite painting. My dad was totally amazed by your abilities as a painter, he does watercolors as a hobby and was just amazed. I am already trying to figure out if there is something else I could have you paint for next Christmas. Thanks again your fan, sandi"
says it all!!

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