Thursday, 20 August 2015

x Rosemary Metz's Ceramic Work

Rosemary has practised as a ceramic sculptor since graduating from the post graduate ceramics program of 1992/3 at Goldsmiths' College, University of London, UK. In 1998 she received her M.A. in Art and Design before moving back to Canada. She taught Ceramics at the Dept. of Art Education, University of Victoria, BC . In 2008, Rosemary moved to Nova Scotia where she continues her ceramics practice and designing experimental workshops in the subject.
Her ceramic sculpture has been represented at the Avenue Gallery, Victoria, BC to Swoons Fine Art in Halifax NS. She is a member of the Southern Ceramics Group  in the UK , and has  exhibited her  sculpture with the Group at Chichester Cathedral, Bishop's Kitchen venue in 2012.
In Nova Scotia, Rosemary is a juried member of the Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council and exhibits her ceramics at the yearly Cunard arts event.
She does take commissions and recently completed a private commission for a Halifax client- the sculpture " The Guitarist" prompted the client to write;
" every time I walk past your creation, I see something new that further expands my appreciation of your gift..."
In a recent solo show at Swoon Fine Art, Rosemary's "Murmurs of Granite" was described by the owner of the gallery as the "best selling" show since the gallery opened. In the review of the show, art critic for the Chronicle Herald described Rosemary's works as:
"Rock art both mythic and modern, enigmatic, taking the viewer back in time to Classical sculptures, Greek Myth and the formation of rock itself."
Rosemary will shortly be exhibiting at a group exhibiton, in 2013,  at the Mary Black Gallery in "Change Ahead"  this show will involve issues around the changing nature of art in the face of various agents of change.

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