Wednesday, 5 August 2015

x Patricia Lomax -

I have always been a painter having come from a family of painters and makers. Nowadays I am most interested in so called abstract images and colour is my main interest but this year I have been making wild flower paintings.   I am surrounded by hedgerows full of wild flowers every spring as my spacious studio is in the depths of rural Devon so  it was almost inevitable at some point.  Visitors are always welcome at any time and  the studio houses a large collection of works on either canvas or paper, up to 200 works , and all of them available for sale.  I tend to work in series of paintings, often 20 or so pieces in the run, with a theme of style, colour or form.   These 'sets' of paintings sometimes last for several years and sometimes for only a few months.   The works themselves dictate the outcomes most of the time.
Avignon Ecole des Beaux Arts  
Wall Hall College Herts,  teaching diploma specialising in Fine Art
Falmouth College of Art and Design Diploma in Fine Art

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