Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The talented Gill Bustamante joins bGallery

Gill Bustamante B.A. – Artist and Art Tutor, Sussex. - I paint beautiful landscapes and life forms that promise better times and places.
I paint in oils on large canvases using thick luscious paint. The subjects are most often about Sussex fields and meadows, woodland scenes, animals and seascapes with mystical elements within them. They are affordable, expressionist, impressionist and slightly art-nouveau in style. They also tend to be attractive and multi-faceted to look at close up as well as from a distance.
I am not arty, deep, mysterious, tortured, ‘emerging’ or anything else artists are sometimes expected to be and neither am I remotely likely to get famous. I just like painting. I am inspired by music, cake and practically anything I look at. I plan to pretend I am dead at some point in order to sell more paintings. 

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