Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Gillian Holding's Poignant Artwork at bGallery

Gillian Holding’s work reflects everyday encounters with the mundane and the familiar. It’s an oddly futile attempt to pinpoint moments of the everyday and unremarkable (what happens when nothing happens): futile, because the act of noticing and recording the everyday paradoxically renders it extraordinary and often absurd. Her methodology mainly involves wandering and recording urban ‘edgelands” and nameless bits of nowhere in suburbs and suburbia both locally and far further afield.
This response to the everyday is profoundly informed by identity and place: how the psychological and geographical space where we find ourselves affects our notions, perceptions and assumptions about things. Sudden feelings of dissonance are generated when the familiar suddenly seems unfamiliar despite its daily ordinariness.
She often mixes painting and collage; partly it allows for a constant changing of visual vocabulary to express a perpetual shifting response to any given subject. But partly too it's an art form with disparate elements, and so defies society’s obsession with categorising the world, identity and place of the individual.
Gillian Holding was born in Chester, UK, and is based variously in Leeds, London and Paris. She maintains a studio with, and is a trustee of, East Street Arts, Leeds.
#adailyselfreflection blog www.gillianholding.wordpress.com

on Twitter @gillianholding and Facebook as Gillian Holding Visual Artist

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