Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Barnaby Wills at bGallery


Barnaby Wills has been developing a technical and critical approach to Fine Art being influenced by his environment and the world around him. His work engages with the viewer in a very immediate sense and is both influenced and critical of our popular culture and its pervasiveness. He uses painting, collage, text and drawing to communicate his unique message. He draws from elements of graphic design to play with techniques of appropriation and the balance between word and image.  
His more recent work attempts to re-contextualise his subjects by placing them within an alternative background to what they may usually be found in. This back-drop stimulates the eyes with its interconnected shapes hinting at the urban environment and the fluidity of the natural world. The works take influences from history, popular culture, philosophy, globalisation, graphic media, and travel. 
His works are often brightly coloured, aesthetically spontaneous and always have an initial impact on the viewer. 

Barnaby Wills studied Fine Arts in Bristol at the University of the West of England from 2002 until 2005.

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