Friday, 2 November 2012

Jeremy Turner at b Gallery art directory ~ ~In Jeremy's words about his amazing talent



A gift from Mexico started it - a painted carved wooden fish. I was struck by its

crude vitality and knew I wanted to make things like this. My personal visual

language has developed from a familiarity with many carving traditions,

particularly Romanesque sculpture and Mexican Folk-Art.


Graduating as a sculptor in 1970, I started my woodcarving business with an Enterprise Allowance Scheme grant in 1985. As well as carving dishes and bowls I started doing a lot of relief carving and lettering, so that house signs and relief panels soon became an important part of my work.


What am I up to now?

I take pleasure in working with wood, how it behaves, how it cuts with

sharp tools, the smell of it. I use relief carving to unite picture

making with the physical deliberateness of carving, combine colour with the

crisp use of light and shade, and play with shape, form, pattern, and textures.


With this language and material I explore many themes: human desire and want; conflict, intolerance, and other major issues and anxieties of our time; and pattern, number and geometry in natural forms. I bring together shapes of cars, expensive watches, handbags, perfume bottles and warplanes, to evoke joy, threat, attraction and repulsion, and a wonder at the everlasting mystery of creation. Jet planes drop lipstick bombs and cars and wheels sprout leaves and flowers.


As well as making large relief carved wall pieces, I still make carved dishes, bowls, sculptural vessels, paperknives and pendants. I am always open to enquiries from people who want something made that is special and unique.


Right now I'm completing a piece called "Greening the Wheel" ready to show at next Saturday's [ 27 October] pop-up Arts&Crafts Exhibition at 21 Adelphi Street, Central Milton Keynes, MK9, 4AE


To see more of Jeremy's work and the opportunity to purchase it direct from the artist himself ~ Please click on the link below where you will be taken to his own exhibition area ~ Thank you






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