Monday, 19 November 2012

b Gallery art directory ~ Welcomes the amazing talents of Monte Wright


Painter and artiste extraordinaire, Monte herein establishes himself once again as an artistic force to be reckoned with. The artist’s work has changed greatly over the years, and is seldom simple. He courageously goes beyond the given and familiar, pioneering new techniques and materials in order to expand his own vision.

A master of color, Monte is equally adept in his use of pure white in his paintings. The artist’s intent is to block out the outside world in order to give the viewer space in which to roam freely. He teaches us that a painting should not end on the canvas. It should encourage viewers to create worlds of their own. And, with each and every brushstroke Monte’s work allows us to do just that.

Monte continues to show his work both nationally and internationally. His interests continue to vary in scope, from contemporary, abstract art to a series of works called ‘Behind the Mask”


Monte Wright is an internationally recognized artist. In 2010 and 2011 his art has been shown in New York, N. Y.; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Florence, Italy; London, England; and Argentina.
Monte is a mixed-media artist from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, who has shown his work for over four decades. He is well-known in Waterloo Region for his expansive murals and unique art forms. He considers himself a futurist who has always explored new and imaginative concepts. His paintings may be found in many collections throughout Ontario, parts of Canada and the United States.
Over the years, Monte has been influenced by his Christian beliefs, our natural environment and societal issues. His images welcome the mysteries of form and space through the interplay of light and shadow.
He believes that the spiritual co-existence between humankind and our earth express mystery, energy and life. He illustrates this through textured, mixed-media panels and computer-generated prints.

These expressionist, action works are objective views of our place in the universe. Subject matter is secondary to the exploration of line, space and texture which often explore the third dimension.

Monte is also noted for a series of work called “Behind the Mask”. These unique creations explore our relationship to others through colourful canvases, symbiotic collages and internationally-themed computer prints.

To see more of Monte's work and have the opportunity of purchasing direct from Monte himself ~ Please follow the link below where you will be taken directly to Monte's own exhibition area at b Gallery art directory ~ Thank you

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