Monday, 8 October 2012

Christine Harrison exhibiting her wonderful work at b Gallery art directory ~ Which can be seen around the world!

I welcome commissions for paintings, portraits or mosaics - large or small, for private or public display. Please contact me if you see anything you like or if you would like to discuss a new project.

I have been painting and designing for as long as I can remember! My motivation is to capture feeling and transfer that feeling to the viewer. The world of nature is a continual source of inspiration and delight. Alongside this I have always been interested in the range of human experience; how each person interprets that range in a unique way as well as the commonalities of experience we all share.

My work is in a variety of media – acrylic, oils, pastel, collage, watercolour, mixed media and more recently mosaic art. I work at home in my studio and currently teach painting and mosaic techniques.

I welcome commissions for paintings, portraits and mosaics. I can use a wide variety of media and styles and will be happy to take your lead or supply ideas and inspiration which can be honed to your taste.

To see more of Christine's work and have the opportunity of purchaseing it direct from the artist herself ~ Please follow the link below where you will be taken to Christine's own exhibition area at b Gallery art directory ~ Thank you

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