Monday, 2 March 2015

X Peter Bodifee's Abstract Art at bGallery X

 My eyes, my skin, my mind and nature are my inspiration.
All works are abstractions in a very  pure and often  square-framed form.
These are metaphors of my relationship with mother  earth and mankind.
Our society is organized to label and to frame lives. So I subscribe my motto:
Jump the lines and cross the borders.
I’m using different kinds of materials, like paper, canvas, wood, plywood and waste as subsoils for my acrylic paintings.
Sometimes I paint directly, often in accumulating layers, so you’ve to guess what’s underneath.
That’s the struggle to be on good terms  with contemporary life.
It’s difficult to celebrate life when simultaneous  you’re perceiving the evolving cruelty.

So I’m painting to survive indifference.

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