Saturday, 13 December 2014

X Vera Tataro's Inspiring Art at bGallery X

Do you want to know my story? Really? Are you ready for it? My story is about an endless stream of inspiration that have been guiding me for my whole life and is so diverse, it doesn't fit in today’s conservative world of art and in the way the art is viewed these days. It has it’s own rules, it’s own vision, perception and feeling. Often it clashes into the rigid world that surrounds us. The world that resists beauty, because beauty is inspiring, healing and eternal. Beauty is real and therefore persists. Delusions, hallucinations, depression, fears, vulgarity are just illusions and therefore will disappear. The stream, to which I have entered as a small child, creates paintings through me. In my paintings there are stories of people, messages, signs, and clues. They are designed to you, not for me. I simply open the gate, so you can go through. To where? That’s another story. Your story. 

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