Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Just announced: contemporary works to join Rubens and His Legacy RAA

Royal Academy of Arts

Just announced: contemporary works to join Rubens and His Legacy

As part of our landmark exhibition opening in January, celebrated artist and Royal Academician, Jenny Saville, will curate La Peregrina, a personal and contemporary response to Rubens and His Legacy.
For La Peregrina, Saville has chosen a selection of works by major 20th and 21st century artists. As well as paintings by Willem de Kooning, Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon, Sarah Lucas, Lucian Freud and others, you can look forward to seeing extraordinary new work created by Saville especially for this occasion.
"Whether you think you like Rubens or not, his influence runs through the pathways of painting. Like Warhol, he changed the game of art." - Jenny Saville
If the prospect of our major Rubens exhibition wasn’t exciting enough, now you have one more very big reason to book your ticket today.
Rubens and His Legacy starts 24 January 2015. La Peregrina is included in the admission price.

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