Saturday, 27 December 2014

Tashi Khan Exhibiting at Art Cafe, London

Tashi Khan, Artist/ Interior designer 

Tashi was born into a family where art and culture were important and had been for generations. She imbibed an early appreciation of the arts from our immediate environment from as far back as She can remember. Poets and artists came and stayed for long periods doing family portraits. She remembers watching spellbound as they worked with brush, knife and pallet. Her parents recognised her interest and inclination and encouraged her to paint. She have not looked back since. 
In time people around her began to recognise her special gift. At first the recognition was locally confined to school and college fetes, functions and exhibitions. She studied fine arts at university. During the course of one of the college exhibitions her entire work was sold out, much to the chagrin of my art teacher, who did not think She was very talented but use to guard her work and sold many pieces of art to individuals, He he very critical of her work and would not do any corrections, but thanks to the external examiner,  she passed with distinction. 

Tashi z Art
Tashi's work is a dialogue in contemporary times, a narrative that resonates a sense of precariousness that has come to signify our times. If anything, it challenges the sense of the immovable, the permanent. It embraces vulnerability & fragility. The focus shifts from the changes that are observable & felt to those that are often unacknowledged & immutable, a sense that the beliefs & certainties that defined our world have changed irrevocably.
Yet it is not a lament. It is an invitation to look at the poignant or the momentous & seek ordinary pleasures. To honour transience, reflecting on the everyday moments that it depicts, to look remember & to serve as a reminder that new forms always emerge & refresh what seems momentary or constant.
Tashi Khan 
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