Thursday, 27 November 2014

Deo Dutchie -

Dutchie was born in the early 1960’s, and he grew up in a rural environment where he learnt to appreciate and admire the natural beauty of God’s creation, whilst enjoying a simple lifestyle. He is a Christian and proudly professes this choice.
As a child Dutchie always enjoyed capturing moments in his or other people’s lives on paper, sometimes in detail and other times in naïve expressed form.
Dutchie’s work, which is a combination of modern impressionistic and naive expressionistic styles, is characterised by a sense of restfulness, peace and simplicity with which he identifies himself. His love and knowledge of nature and people, and the simplicity of life, is captured in his work and his art portrays the inner tranquillity of the artist himself. He wants to create and establish his own view of art, not following what someone else has done. He does not want to paint what could be learned from others, he wants others to learn from him. He wants to be himself.
Dutchie’s work is unique, valuable and well sought after.
Dutchie is currently in the process of consolidating the Gospel and he is working towards producing 250 paintings of which their images will be captured in his book, which will be made available across the globe.
Dutchie’s works of art grace homes in Australia, New Zeeland, South Africa, Namibia, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Zimbabwe, Poland, Canada, USA, and Russia to mention only but a few countries.
Dutchie currently resides in New Beith, Queensland, Australia where he practices art and teaches art to people with an interest in this field. He can be contacted per phone on +61 4 0445 4740, or per email on, or through his website

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