Friday, 18 April 2014

Auriol Luckhurst at b Gallery art directory

I am a self taught artist from books, DVD's and more importantly from practice and experience and with a creative passion for colour and detail. Needless to say I have developed my own style. I enjoy painting landscapes but like to include water or a building. I like painting buildings that inspire me but it has to be 'love at first sight'. I look for originality, quirky features, colour and an interesting background. I focus my paintings mainly on Kent, where I live but am not averse to straying occasionally. I have accepted commissions and continue to do so. I paint from my own photographs and sketches. I often put figures or animals in my pictures to give them life and interest. I have tried other mediums but always return to watercolour or from time to time pen and wash.
I started painting around 7 years ago, inspired by an artist, who at that time was appearing regularly on satellite TV. He was so laid back and to me, he made watercolour painting seem possible to anyone who was willing to try. So I did and it was awful but I enjoyed it so much I kept going. I also kept watching Charles Evans and I made notes to help me remember what he said. A couple of years later when I’d rounded off the rough edges of my efforts and made modest progress, I was lucky enough to get a place on a workshop run by Charles Evans himself. He is still very much involved in the teaching of art, running workshops and painting holidays but rarely visits my area in South East England. His home and studio are in North East England and I am not able to travel that far for workshops. However I have accumulated a selection of his books and still refer to them from time to time, as I take on bigger challenges with my work for which I need further tuition.
From childhood I always had an interest in drawing but never had the opportunity to explore further than the occasional art class at school. Throughout my life I did develop writing skills, writing a one-act play and take an acting part in it. I enjoyed acting at an amateur level. For a while I ran my own PR business. There was no time to paint until I retired.
I paint constantly but not regularly because I have other commitments that need my attention, a disabled step-daughter, young grandchildren, and a husband with some health issues. I, myself am a lifetime sufferer of Fibromyalgia and need to be aware of my limitations. My painting output is therefore steady rather than prolific. I am not good at working to deadlines because I can’t forecast my day to day availability; having said that, I produced 3 commissions in 2011, in reasonable time and to the satisfaction of my clients.
My subjects are mainly set in Kent, my home county, as I rarely travel further unless for a week’s holiday, but I do like to paint whatever inspires me on a whim and that might be a group of people in action or wildlife of some kind. I am a keen photographer and I always paint from photographs.
I get such a thrill of pleasure and satisfaction when my pictures are appreciated.

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