Friday, 17 January 2014

Update of Sirenes work .....

I want to give you an update of the great development Sirenes has gone through since her first exhibition at a small gallery in Oslo, Norway in august 2011. Sirenes experienced her international breakthrough as an artist in 2013 with exhibitions in Italy, Spain, Canada, United States and in Norway. Sirenes was included in several great art books and magazines and recieved several art awards. In July the whole family travelled to New York to be present at her first exhibition at Agora Gallery - it was an unforgettable moment in life.
Sirenes is both humble and grateful after recieving a wonderful art review of her artwork related to the exhibition in New York, by Wilson Wong:  
"A Sublime Colorist Enamored of Light"

Wilson Wong writes: "Sirenes conveys an even more elusive subject by virtue of her mastery of chromatic dynamics as vibrant and yet gentle as the music of Ravel" and "an atmospheric miasma conjured with a finesse that calls to mind the 19th century British painter J.M.V Turner". 

He continues with: "Sirenes appears to combine a gestural lyricism that can be compared favorably to the early Abstract Expressionist works of Philip Guston with a chromatic complexity that would do the Color Field master Jules Olitski proud. Her ability to combine these elements so successfully suggests that one might think of her as an “Abstract Impressionist”." 

Wilson ends his review with: "it is the underlying abstract armature of formal balance informing her compositions that invariably enhances and empowers all of Sirenes’ paintings."
Sirenes is now represented by galleries in Italia and United States, and she is already participating in the first exhibition in 2014 "Expo Bologna - started Jan  4th, the next scheduled exhibitions are in Florence in February and in Rome during Easter, and there is more to come. 
You can follow Sirenes art life on facebook!/SirensMalerier and her artwork is available at her online art gallery -

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