Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Ruth Lee's Stunning Work -

Relocating from Cumbria to Central Portugal in April 2013, Ruth is currently exploring new directions in her art textile practice combining traditional making processes in printmaking and textile construction techniques with digital technologies. 
Having worked with contemporary textile construction techniques from the late 1970’s Ruth has returned to her roots in print and is currently exploring ways of bringing a handmade feel to digitally generated artwork, making her own mark, whether at the initial design stages or in the making and finishing of bespoke and unique artefacts.A product of her individual creativity, this new body of work embraces modern technologies to enhance traditional working practice.

With this new approach Ruth is aiming to create art textiles and related artefacts to suit individual clients needs either at the prototype stage or as original, one of a kind piece hand produced by the artist.
The set of 12 acrylic laser cut/printed tiles currently on display in the Ruth's gallery are prototypes which Ruth would like to develop further for upscale interior design applications in conjunction with a client who has the appropriate vision and manufacturing capabilities.

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