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A short Biography...


Ann Richmond hails from one of the many hamlets dotted throughout Gloucestershire's Stroud Valley. From an early age, she discovered a passion for the natural world and, over time, this was channelled into drawing, painting and sculpture.

A rediscovery of this skill in later years, was to see her explore the medium of fired clay, before moving into more intricate & detailed commissions for the giftware trade.

Now, having established her new 'Avvaganda Studio' in rural Wiltshire, she has turned to expressive wildlife painting, for which she's developed a unique 'scratchy' style in pen & acrylic.

"My paintings tell stories about the innate wisdom, innocence and grace of wildlife, both familiar and obscure. The vibrant bursts of spatered pigment symbolise the fragility and vitality of life in the natural world.

In surrounding the eye of each subject with a flowing mass of colour, I create a focal point that triggers a spiritual, almost empathic response in the viewer."

1991 - Nature in Art, Gloucestershire

Prema Project, Uley, Gloucs.

1992 - Society of Wildlife Artists, Mall Gallery, London.

Royal West of England Academy, Bristol.

1993 - Society of Wildlife Artists, Mall Gallery, London.

2000 - Society of Wildlife Artists, Mall Gallery, London.

2008 - Zelli Porcelain, Chiltern St. London.

2009 - Inkspot, Swindon.

To see more of Ann's work and have the opportunity to purchase it direct from the artist herself ~ Please click on the link below ~ Thank you

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