Thursday, 18 November 2010

Stressed mother turned published artist

34 years ago Sue Howells walked into an adult education centre looking for a hobby.

"Taking up something like yoga seemed a sensible idea seeing as I was a very stressed mother so I deposited my 2 year old in the creche and settled into the lotus position. But all I could hear during my breathing exercises was my daughter crying in the next room. I made my apologies and headed for the reception asking which class is the furthest from the creche! "The art classes" was the reply- so I joined a group of elderly ladies and diligently made watercolours of primroses.  I soon got a little bored and went out and bought a 4" brush, so that the watercolours could speak for themselves.  My spontaneous approach and love of the medium of watercolour came to me instinctively right from the start. I began painting flowers then moved onto landscapes. I sold my first picture when a friend with a restaurant asked if she could hang a few to cheer the place up.  I was most surprised when people started to buy them. I then went round other shops and cafes and although i had a lot of rejections I came back stronger.  I joined artist's groups and exhibited in a gallery where i relished the camaraderie and the feeling that i wasn't alone, my work got noticed and I made sales.  I have been with my publishing company for 13 years now and often wonder what would have happened if I had been directed to the bricklaying class on the fateful day 34 years ago".

Has anyone else "stumbled" into painting/sewing/photography only to realise that they are actually pretty good? Share your story and also know that b Gallery are always on the look out for new talent.

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