Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Exciting Times

On the 18th December the gallery will be celebrating it's first birthday.  If this event wasn't exciting enough it is also launch day for our website and our on-line art directory.

The art directory is a huge collection of talented artists showcased in one big directory. Inclusion is by invitation and recommendation only but for those interested in joining, now is the time to register your interest. The directory is for a whole range of artists including visual artists, photographers, jewellery makers, sculptors, musicians, creative writers and so the list goes on.

Our aim is to raise the profile of talented artists and designers to the buying public and commercial sector. It will make buying art far more accessible and affordable.  The site will also feature an extensive portfolio of published artists such as Rolf Harris and Beryl Cook where signed limited editions will be sold to collectors.

We are hugely excited about the launch of this directory and the platform it will give to new and established artists. We are working to ensure that these galleries will be easy for artists to manage and update.  There will be an individual shop and pay facilities plus tailored search options for visitors to browse the site and find artists with ease; no commission will be taken.  As a company we will be doing the marketing for the directory bringing the public to the artists.

Not only this but b Gallery now has an official talent spotter who will be trailing through the various sites online spotting potential members of the directory, giving them the opportunity to apply.

The official launch date of the directory is the 18th December and by launch there will be around 300 artists already on the directory each with their own online gallery.  If you are interested and indeed why wouldn't you be, leave a comment here, on our facebook page or email direct.

The exact cost of annual membership to the directory has yet to be confirmed but will be less than £100 per year.

As an exhibiting artist already, our new talent spotter is hugely excited about the directory, so who knows it could be you being approached. If you want to find out all about her watch this space as a one to one interview will be posted here soon.

Plus coming up in December, plans for our Gala day at the gallery, our first blog give away and more tutorials.

Here are a few photos to show you the success of our gala day last Christmas


Exhibiting artists at work

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