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x bGallery Updates and Newsletter March 2015 x

Image by Emma Childs

We hope that you are all enjoying a productive time in the run up to Christmas. From those members we have spoken to recently it seems as though many of you are incredibly busy with orders, fairs and exhibitions - long may it last! To help with exposure please email hazel@bgallery.co.uk with an image and exhibition details , we will post to our networking sites.........as they say every little helps!!

Introducing EMMA CHILDS to bGallery
Emma Childs is a professional artist with 20 years experience. Based in Devon she runs her own successful art business and is currently in the process of writing and illustrating a children's fairy story book.
Emma exhibits her work on a regular basis both nationally and internationally. Some of her artwork was chosen to be exhibited in Art Monaco 2015 in Monte Carlo next July through the Mona Youssef Gallery which she is thoroughly looking forward to attending.
Preffering bold colours and fine detail she draws most of her inspiration from childhood memories, unusual people and places with nature being the biggest source of inspiration.
Experienced in using a range of mixed media, Emma favours watercolour and pen and ink although very much enjoying the wonderful bright effects that pure acrylics can create when used in her bold abstract. She is also an accomplished airbrush artist.

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More news from bGallery member Sue Hall

Read Sue Hall's Interview -

See more work from Sue's profile at bGallery
and http://www.suehallart.co.uk/and Facebook

Jill Meager's Artwork Chosen for Christmas Cards 2014 - 
Hare 1- has been chosen by the charity Farms for City Children as their Christmas card thisyear. To buy, the link ishttp://farmsforcitychildren.org/shop/

Find more artwork on her bGallery profile
on Facebook

Jill is interested in caputuring the face of her subjects just before it tips over into sadness and hopes to challenge the viewer into thinking about the importance of protecting innocence and vulnerability in all its forms.
A voyage of colour and light byPascal Barnier - A collection of 21 creations accompanied by thoughts associated with.Pascal's book is available from:pascalbarnier.com
"Born in 1967, I started photography at 18 with my first case reflex. My first contact with the world of art was a diploma in printing, Art history and during shooting. Indeed for me I needed to learn the correct procedure and techniques to correctly reproduce a painting or a sculpture. How to adhere to the "grain" of watercolour or acrylic if you do not know the original?....... And, as the scanner is not allowed to reproduce all, the bench breeding kind of camera giant was the tools of everyday life. Photo retouching is feasible with a pen and a brush ...... 
Back to the history of art, shooting and light in a degree of projection 35 mm I joined the world of art, finally, being recognised as an arits. I learned from Jean Carzou, contemporary and friend of Picasso, Buffet, Dali ....... It is merging this knowledge and meeting artists working in various fields that I created my personal technique pictorialism. 
The basis of my work is shooting, then I utilise various graphic technical to achieve my final piece.
Welcome tp my universe".
Find out more about Pascal:



"In 1975, Michel Audebert artist's adventure begins. Photographer and plastician, he takes us along in a search towards the beauty or the message is as strong as the image.
"Even more than a work on the representation, my research is the expression of the feeling which emanates from the photographed subject ... In my images, the repetition does not have a "hypnotic" goal... The least variation on the subject must modify our perception of it... I have a high idea of Photography as a mode of expression. In a parallel with reality and the time which passes, I regard this one as a major art... It can create the illusion of reality like the impression of stopped time. For me, photography is a formidable instrument of dream and nostalgia"

We are excited to have Clare Sykes join us as a bGallery member - 

Clare Sykes - A self-taught artist who occupies her thirst for learning and creating using nothing more than her raw passion for the craft. She derives inspiration from all around her. Clare’s paintings are created using an exciting range of mixed media that depict an abstract surrealism with depth and vibrancy. Blended with Clare’s atmospheric style, her work is injected with energy and moods inspired by her own emotions. She is continuously developing and evolving her style as an artist, making her work a refreshing addition to any space. ‘When you see a piece of artwork, your imagination is transported as if you were standing side by side with the artist. Artwork frees your imagination and mind to fly. It’s shared emotions, it’s the essence of who you are’ Not every wall deserves a painting, but every painting deserves a wall!

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Clare is already gaining a lot of attention!

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Special congratulations this month to bGallery artist Steven Ward who has received the most enquiries this month plus achieved sales and a commission. To see more of Steven's work click on the following Stevenward Art Facebook

‘bGallery are dedicated to helping talented artists be discovered’ and are just as passionate as the day they opened their doors. 
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