Friday, 1 March 2013

Welcoming Nick Harrison Jones to b Gallery

My work is produced from life, on-site ( en plein air ) from rural and urban scenes. I admire the Arts and Crafts ideal of 'Truth to Materials', yet am interested in interpreting the modern landscape. Line and colour drawings and notes are recorded in my numerous 'painting sketchbooks'.

      My inspiration began with Anwar Jalal Shemza (my art teacher) and a love of a variety of artists such as Turner, John Piper, graphic designers such as Paul Rand and the Illustrator, Paul Hogarth.

       I aim to capture the atmosphere of time and the influence of the moment on a place. Architectural detail is important, yet, the spirit and energy of the creative process is just as important.  When I look at other artists' work I am always attracted to the process rather than just the 'finished' painting. In my work, I am conscious of the fact that every image is evolving yet is somehow connected, this is important. 

      I have have won several painting prizes in Herts. Hertford Art Society awarded Best Painting, John Goss Award and Best Watercolour. I have sold work to public bodies such as The National Trust and have work in private collections.

      My watercolour, After the Rain, is currently being exhibited at Bankside Gallery, London as part of the Royal Watercolour Society Contemporary Watercolour Exhibition until March 3, 2013

Sunset over St Helen's, Wheathampstead


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