Thursday, 10 January 2013

b Gallery art directory welcomes the amazing talents of Kevin Edwards


Kevin says in his own words:

 ‘I choose a no-nonsense empirical and methodical approach. At heart, I’m a landscape painter because my inspiration has been light and distance. Learning to understand these phenomena has given me a particular way of painting other subjects- I try to understand how light enhances and reveals a subject and changes with distance and time’.
Kevin studied in Art school for six years. He went on to work in arts management for over a decade. He now earns his living primarily through the sale of his art work. He has exhibited in many art fairs and group and solo exhibitions. He paints with oil on canvas and has sold many works to collectors in Canada, America and the UK. He occasionally teaches observational painting. Kevin works in Canada and the UK.
2000 Postgraduate Diploma Arts Management Northumbria University
1990 Master of Fine Art Newcastle University
1985 Bachelor of Fine Art Liverpool Polytechnic
1982 Bangor Art Foundation Course Bangor Technical College

Recent Exhibitions
Solo Show, Objects and Views, Community Gallery, Theatre Clwyd, North Wales 24th Sept-15th Oct 2012
Worldly Impressions, 1st March - 1 May, 2012, Gallery Art Plus, Belville, Ontario, Canada
Painters 4 - UK to CA, June 19 to July 24th 2011, Bath Academy Gallery, Bath, Kingston Ontario, Canada."

To see more of Kevin's work and contact him ~ Please follow the link below where you will be taken to Kevin's own exhibition area at b Gallery art directory ~ Thank you


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