Saturday, 22 December 2012

X Yvonne Field at b Gallery art directory X

Yvonne Field is an acclaimed artist in oils. Her work covers a wide range of subject matter including landscapes, architectural and seascapes.
Yvonne has sold paintings throughout Europe and the United States and has many devotees and admirers of her work.
Using a variety of techniques, Yvonne’s paintings mix tone and texture to create atmosphere and movement. They are evocative, emotional and resonant.
Yvonne seamlessly combines styles to create unique works of character and beauty. From figurative to impressionist, still life to portraits, her paintings range in mood from the contemplative to the flamboyant.
Limited edition prints and Greeting Cards are available from my work. Please contact me for more information.
To see more of Yvonne's work and have the opportunity of contacting the artist herself ~ Please follow the link below where you will be taken to Yvonne's own exhibition area at b Gallery art directory ~ Thank you

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