Thursday, 3 May 2012

Felix Faulkner exhbiting and selling her work through b Gallery art directory all around the world!

Born in Zimbabwe, Felix started her training there and then went on to study jewellery and design at the Kunst und Werkschule in Pforzheim, Germany. After a short period in the workshop of Charles de Temple in London she moved to Cornwall where she set up her own workshop. Side tracked into pottery for a number of years Felix returned to the jewellery bench in 1987.
Moving to Ireland in 1995 Felix set up her studio in Knockanore - a picturesque and very rural part of County Waterford close to the River Blackwater.
Working mostly in gold, silver and bronze, sometimes including found objects - wood, pebbles, feathers etc.-most of her pieces are "one of" or variations on a theme and her designs range from purely abstract to interpretations of her surroundings while her flights of fancy can lead -- well anywhere!

To see more of Felix's work and have the opportunity to purchase it direct from the artist himself ~ Please click on the lonk below where you will be taken to Felix's own exhibition area at b Gallery art directory ~ Thank you

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