Monday, 22 August 2011

As seen in many press reviews across the country!

ONE of the area’s top art galleries has launched a new website that gives a showcase and marketplace to independent artists and designers.

It has taken the b Gallery, based in the centre of Toddington, a year to get the site - - up an running but it is an essential window to the area’s art world.
It features an interactive art directory filled with hundreds of artists, who each have their own online gallery, making it the UK’s fastest growing art directory.

b Gallery co-founder Melanie Burnell says: “We exhibit selected independent artists openly on our art directory as b Gallery members at our arts centre and now many more online.

“Artists are given ‘Approved b Gallery Member’ status, can be contacted by customers directly and have their own websites and social network blogs promoted alongside their work. Buyers can make purchases from all our members without gallery-added-commission.”

“We are so proud of the success of Our art directory started with a handful of artists and has grown to several hundred. Going online with this concept now reaches even more artists and customers worldwide. It’s been amazing to see the growth of our art directory and the success it has brought to our artists both at the centre and online.”

Co-founder Julie Boyle says: “b Gallery is leading the way in online exhibiting. Art is selling online; it’s a rising market and we are passionate about raising the standard of exhibiting artists together online and creating an open culture, benefiting artists and buyers.”

Before its launch, b Gallery’s head of E-Marketing, Beverley Whayman was inundated with applications to join. She said: “I had said on our Facebook page some months ago that we were looking for talented artists and designers to join our up-coming website. The response was phenomenal and meant that the launch was put back quite substantially while we went through all the applications!

“The talent out there is incredible – there are so many fantastic artists creating stunning work and we are absolutely dedicated to elevating their presence on the very best online art network. The site has been built with incredibly easy-to-use functionality where customers can connect with approved independent artists and designers, buy direct, enjoy a new experience each visit and use optimised search tools to customise their searches.”!/bGallery.arts

For more information please contact b Gallery on: 01525 877770

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