Sunday, 21 August 2011

Adam King ~ The story continues......

"I went to the first viewing in the UK of the new Bang & Olufsen 3D in Harpenden on 20th July. The technology & experience was fantastic and the whole evening was very exciting with various product demonstrations.

I mentioned my collection at bGallery to the store owner Tulsi Parmar. After some discussion he asked if I would personalise, for his Bang & Olufsen shop, my series of prints for his customers to admire, feeling the prints graphic style complimented the high quality designed products of Bang & Olufsen.

He also wants his store to be the first to receive, from my yet to launch Automotive Photography Collection, one of the exclusive limited edition photo's of a post war Jaguar, which he wishes to display among the many iconic products of Bang & Olufsen's past in the store.

I have created a special, Bang & Olufsen of Harpenden series, available for purchase through bGallery and can be viewed at Bang & Olufsen of Harpenden.

I hope that was a nice little story, I have also attached some photo's of the 'Personalised for Bang & Olufsen of Harpenden' prints."
We wish Adam and all our Artists Exhbiting at b Gallery and in our Art Directory the very best of luck and best wishes. Hopefully with this media and promotion even more Artists will be recognised for their amazing talent.

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