Sunday, 14 September 2014

X Ted Barr has an upcoming solo show at the Dacia Gallery in New York from 1- 18 October 2014 X

Solo Exhibition
October 1 - 18, 2014
Opening Reception
Thursday, October 2, 6:00 - 9:00pm
Meet Ted @ Opening Reception
Artist Talk and Intro @ 7:30pm
The Artist: In 1995 Ted Barr began a 7 year study period with the Israeli master Shlomo Tzafrir. Prior to that and over the years he also researched subjects such as: Symbolism, Ancient Egypt, Numerology, and spiritual rituals of various religions. Inspired by his training and research, Barr created 3 painting series.  Deep Space – celestial elements such as galaxies, quasars, red giants and supernovas based on Hubble telescope images; Human Formation – embryos, sperms and ovum inspired by Lennart Nilsson photography and Cycle of Life – allegoric images for human development, dreams and emotions. Most recently he’s also been involved in developing fashion projects with Tifa Design Center in Israel and AOF fashion house in London. Barr is the founder of the Current Art Group, an organization that unites 5,000 artists worldwide.
Barr’s Quest: Years of studying spiritual and philosophical subjects exposed Ted Barr to different aspects of metaphysics and astronomy. It had a strong impact on his life but at some point Barr hit a ‘barrier’ in comprehension. The more religions and spiritual rituals he studied, the more questions about human destiny he had. At this point and by chance, Barr was led to art; first as a form of expression, then as a medium for exploration. Soon the philosophical quest and artistic experimentation formed a mélange that expressed what Barr envisioned by manipulating the very organic matter, tar, on canvas. His art represents his life journey into the enigmatic questions of human existence within the universe, using symbols to unfold the mystery of being, appearing and disappearing.
Barr’s Unique Style: Barr’s inquiry led to an understanding that the building blocks of the universe are identical. The largest structures in the universe such as galaxies and galaxy clusters are made of the same elementary particles as atoms and cells. This similarity in structure and shape led to the context he came to term: As Above So Below.
Several fields are involved in my art. These are subjects I’ve spent years learning and that inspire what I create: Deep Space Astronomy, Kabala studies, Ancient Egyptian Symbolism, Numerology and the meaning of colors as expression of different levels of energy.
While painting the celestial sky I deal with questions about the origins of life, conception, pregnancy and birth that evoked the very first moment it all began. My art gives me a space to experiment with and connect all these worlds; the atomic and molecular space-time continuum, the star-galaxy, the galaxy cluster space-time realm. I use real tar, acrylic and wax and other organic matter that makes up the physical universe. In every one of my paintings there is a precise approach to using colors and forms.
In my attempts to gather the energy of the universe with my artistic production I wrote four basic rules that are applicable to any human being and object in space:
MOVEMENT - There is no celestial element that stands still. Movement in the universe is spiral shaped. Movement is a basic feature of every human being, thus the power of the mind and the legs.
GATHERING - There is no celestial element that stands alone. Planets are bound to suns, suns to galaxies, galaxies to clusters. So children are bound to their mother, families, cities and countries.
CYCLES - All celestial movements manifest in cycles, as the human cycle of conception, birth, growth, childhood, adulthood, old age and disappearance of the physical body, so suns are created by condensed gas, attracting matter and spiral movement by gravity force, the end of a star life is known as Super Nova which dismisses its remaining matter to the universe from which new stars are born.
Ted Barr, Fingers Creation, Mixed Media, 60x60 Ted Barr, Andromeda Galaxy, Mixed Media,  76x76 Ted Barr, Nerve Cells, Mixed Media,  60x60 Ted Barr, Ovum, Mixed Media,  60x60Tedd Barr, Womb, Mixed Media,  70x38 Tedd Barr, Cycle of Life, Mixed Media,  76x38 Ted Barr, Super Nova Dragon, Mixed Media,  70x38 Ted Barr, COL Wounded Bird, Mixed Media,  44x44Ted Barr, COL Heart, Mixed Media,  44x44 Ted Barr, Cycle of Life Off, Mixed Media,  60x60

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