Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Angela Cater

Angela has a great affinity with animals, especially cats, which is reflected in her body of work.  She  wants people to see animals as individuals with their own feelings, emotions and personalities.  When you see animals this way, it is impossible to be cruel. 
Angela is most inspired by the colours of nature and often incorporates the nature that surrounds her into her pet portraiture.  On a clear bright autumn day, she gets positively punch-drunk on colour.
As a natural born artist, she needs to create in order to feel content and well-balanced.
One piece of art may take her up to a month to complete, so her starting point is generally a photograph.  When working in gouache, she will usewith a mid-tone as her base colour, then build up the pictures in layers, working from the darkest shade, through lighter tints to finaly pure white.
Angela also loves working in coloured pencil because it is so portable and immediate.  She can achieve a level of detail that she finds impossible with any other media.
Angela knows that visitors to her website love to read the stories behind the paintings.  It adds an extra dimension of interest and brings the animal to life.
Angela wants her viewers to feel her love and compassion for the animals she paints and turn that into increased awareness for the creatures that surround them.

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