Monday, 6 May 2013

b Gallery introduces Veronique Oodian and her stunning work.

First Light.

Praeter Naturam.


Veronique's specialism is Fine Art Painting and Drawing and she creates her works of art using a range of techniques, in particular oil painting. Veronique has worked with oils for some years now and feels that she can express herself using this medium most of all.
"My art is inspired by various aspects of nature, some of which are very small and may be regarded as either mundane or unimportant. I seek solace in the simplicity of a birds’ call or the Sun on my skin, which always gives me the inspiration to express myself through my work."
"My latest works are figurative pieces inspired by moods and feelings influenced by the time of day and seasonal changes. These works also include flower symbolism adding mystery and interest to the work. I am also working on a series exploring some of the extraordinary flora and fauna found locally, which never ceases to amaze me. As well as my oil painting I also enjoy drawing and have recently discovered the joys of the coloured pencil crayon! I am working on a series of works on paper exploring drawing techniques using water soluble and coloured pencil crayons."
Veronique has exhibited her work at the Great Sheffield Art Show for two years running and Art in the Gardens, both Sheffield annual events. She also had the opportunity to show her work at the London Road Gallery when it was open.

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