Thursday, 14 February 2013

Artist Gill Bustamante joins

I am a professional artist and art tutor based in Sussex and I paint animal portraits, landscapes, seascapes and whatever else I fancy. I did my art foundation course at Chelsea and my fine art degree course at Brighton completing in 1983. My paintings are bright and contemporary and they get attention wherever they go. I am not arty, deep, mysterious, messed up, young, ‘emerging’ or remotely likely to get famous - I just like painting. I am inspired by music, cake and practically anything I look at. I plan to pretend I am dead at some point in order to sell more paintings.

Website is:

Prints and cards can be purchased at:|

NOTE that I have several alternate views, including frames and close-ups of each painting shown on this site so if you like the look of one but would like to see more views please contact me. Viewings can also be arranged as there is no substitute for seeing a painting in real life. Email

Contact me if you have something in mind or would like to know more about commissions or existing work or are interested in art tuition.

Fish Metamorphosis


Golden Zebras

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