Thursday, 9 June 2011

Beautiful Hand Made Devore Slip Over Jackets

These chic, hand made and stylish Slip Over Jackets have been designed and created with the aim of making any attire glamorous within seconds. Just pop one over a black top and trousers and you turn something worn everyday into a stunning outfit for the evening, or add a few simple accompanying accessories (or hat), and your Slip Over will transform the ordinary into a showstopper within moments. Ideal for weddings, holidays and posh restaurants, this lightweight, easy to pack garment will suit absolutely all sizes and shapes of figure, skilfully covering any part of the body you’re not so keen on (arms, legs and bottoms). It is a versatile ‘must have’ for any wardrobe needing a bit of glamour and comfort, and will remain the ‘old faithful’ - reliable and reassuring for many years to come.

price £49.99   

Available exclusively at b Gallery by Naomi Phelan

For more information, please contact b Gallery on:       
01582 877770     

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